Fanny Lu visits the puppies of Mauricio Leal and Marleny Hernández, “they could not be in better hands”

The Colombian singer, Fanny Lu, visited Mauricio Leal's pets. Photo: @fannylu
The Colombian singer, Fanny Lu, visited Mauricio Leal’s pets. Photo: @fannylu

The death of Mauricio Leal continues to be a topic of discussion among citizens and more and more details are being revealed of what happened on the night of November 21, 2021 and the early hours of the 22nd, where the renowned stylist and his mother, Marleny Hernández , lost their lives at the hands of Jhonier Leal, brother and son of the victims, who he intended to keep the fortune of the famous hairdresser.

On January 19, 2021, Jhonier Leal accepted the charges in the murder of his mother and brother. Since then, many doubts have arisen regarding the stylist’s inheritance, his assets and recently about the whereabouts of his two pets, which according to several of his relatives, he loved deeply. The two dogs were abandoned after the death of their owners but were left in the care of Don Simón, the person who took care of them when they went on a trip.

The news was recently released that Mauricio Leal’s pets are in great condition, however, Don Simón has gone through some moments of economic difficulty, so people were asked to help feed these dogs and others who have been rescued. One of the people who responded to the call was Fanny Lu, a client and friend of Mauricio Leal.

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The Colombian singer published a video on her social networks where she showed how her visit to the puppies of Mauricio Leal and Marleny Hernández was. She spoke with Don Simón and clarified that the animals are not in bad conditions, quite the opposite, they are very well cared for and happy in her new home. Fanny Lu also took the opportunity to bring them toys, food and even sweets.

“I am one of those who thinks that your right hand should not know what your left hand is doing, but this case is special because it is about @maitoleal and his little children, his puppies, #maito and #little boy. Through social networks I have received your messages of concern and it fills me with happiness that everyone is aware of them. Here I am on behalf of all I thank, with all my heart, Simon and his wife for the care and love they give them! Maito’s puppies are very well, they have never endured hunger or been in poor condition. I share this beautiful experience with you! ”, Fanny Lu affirmed in the publication that she shared on her social networks.

The artist assured that, “I know what these puppies meant to them, you (Don Simón) were the person who received something that mattered so much to Marleny and Maíto, nobody was left with such a beautiful memory of them as you “.

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Don Simón and Fanny Lu took the opportunity to clarify the state of the puppiessince a few days ago some media claimed that the dogs were in poor condition, something that, as evidenced in the video published by Fanny Lu, is not true.

“The social networks, the portals, are speaking badly, that they are neglected, that they are very needy, but no, they are not (…) Doña Marleny’s family comes, they visit them. They don’t have to be talking bad about them. We were not asking for money, we had simply said, ‘nice to have a godmother’ and fortunately they are all godmothers, there are no godfathers (laughs)”, assured Don Simón.

“I understand that you need support too, everyone needs it, careless, never, they are healthy, happy, better impossible. We clarify to all the people of the networks, for your peace of mind. (…) All of Maíto’s clients, who were his best friends, here we are, eternally committed to that love, ”said Fanny Lu.

Finally, the Colombian singer, after visiting Mauricio Leal’s pets, pointed out that “Simón and his wife, two beautiful people, could not be in better hands.”. It’s sad to know that they may miss their parents, but it is very reassuring to know that they have known them for more than 8 years, on behalf of all of us I thank Simón and I tell you, they are super good and when they want to help, they just write to Simón”.


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Fanny Lu visits the puppies of Mauricio Leal and Marleny Hernández, “they could not be in better hands”