Fans accuse Adamari López of being a liar and agree with Olga Tañón

Adamari Lopez

Adamari Lopez

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Fans accuse Adamari López of having lied to them about the way she lost weight and applaud Olga Tañón, who declared, according to what was commented there, that the Puerto Rican presenter put on a gastric balloon that helped her in the process of recovering her figure. This has been seen in some comments in an Instagram post made by López, That may be a hint for the merengue singer.

Given Olga Tañon’s statements, some followers of Adamari López have told her that it was she who fell off the pedestal by allegedly having lied to them about the way she lost weight.

These are some of the comments in which they accuse her of having lied about this fact:

“The one that fell off was you, you were deceiving them, saying it was pure exercise and diet… You’re on fire because Olga Tañón betrayed you haha. That is not a crime my Ada ”.

“Do not be a girl and ridiculous you are already an older woman if you hadn’t lied leave the tiraera, that Olga apologized to you ”.

“The problem is not Olga Tañón. That she is a divine so real and direct, that she spoke a truth that we all already knew. The problem is that he lied and that with pure exercises he managed to lose weight overnight, but I don’t understand why he gets so upset, the foam went up to his head ”.

“Like when they uncover a secret you hadDon’t be spiteful to the public always with the truth, or do you think that we are idiots?

This post in the Adamari López asked his followers if someone had fallen off the pedestal, It would not be the first hint that the presenter sends to the merengue singerWell, in another video she said, with a song by Olga Tañón, that she doesn’t care what they say about her in what seems to be a fairly direct hint.

After Olga Tañon’s comment, the Woman of Fire, as she is also known, expressed her I apologize to the presenter and deleted the Live in which she mentioned the gastric balloon from her Instagram account.


“Unfortunately the admiration for what has been achieved by some people, others take it unfortunate as gossip and stupidity. And I’m not going to fall for that period. In previous videos I talked about bariatric as a discipline, and I mentioned people, I found out, they have achieved it that way. It has never been in the spirit of offending, on the contrary, he has been enhancing his discipline after a process. If it was this way, I’m sorry. But there are always the wicked sticking the dagger. Blessings and let’s continue happy ”, were his words.

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Fans accuse Adamari López of being a liar and agree with Olga Tañón