Fans tell Elizabeth Gutiérrez: “Look for a man who loves you and respects you as you deserve”

Elizabeth Gutierrez.

Elizabeth Gutierrez.

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The actor of the latest success of Netflix, ‘Aroma of coffee’, He has surprised his followers by announcing his separation through a brief statement released on his Instagram Stories. As her fans know, William Levy had a discreet but solid sentimental relationship with the also actress Elizabeth Gutierrez since they met in 2002 shooting the reality show ‘Soap Opera Protagonists’, and Today they have two children together, according to Showbiz.

William initially assured that his decision to separate had been well thought out and that they would continue to be a “beautiful family” to put the well-being of his son and daughter before everything else. “That will never change“, stressed the Cuban. However, in a matter of minutes he deleted that post without giving any explanation and replaced it with another in English in which he simply states: “I’m ready for a new chapter in my life.”

The image that they shared on their networks last October 2021 could be the last photographic production that we see of the couple.

Elizabeth, meanwhile, has not yet commented on her return to singleness. It should be remembered that the interpreters already temporarily separated in December 2014, although they gave each other another chance a year later, as was made clear when they began to dedicate all kinds of romantic messages to each other once again on social networks.

Their love story has given rise to all kinds of rumours, especially about a wedding that never ended. In that sense, the beautiful actress has always maintained that she did not see the need to marry William to feel that they were closer.

I think that in any couple the fundamental thing is to support each other, give each other wings to fly, to grow. That’s the beauty. I admire him a lot because since he started to the point where he is now he has grown a lot, and that has been due to all his effort“, She explained after their reconciliation.

But beware, that in her latest Instagram post, Elizabeth appears next to Erika de la Vega, and on her left hand the diamond ring that William gave her as a symbol of her love and commitment no longer appears.

And it was in this publication where a fan left the following words: “That’s the attitude, this life is once and don’t miss it, be happy, look for a man who loves you and respects you as you deserve.”

The public has also asked her to take the floor on this occasion and be the one to end the relationship: “Hello beautiful, it seems to me that this time it is time for you to be the one to speak and to end the relationship you had. It’s always him, -the one- who comes out saying… He speaks. He clears up if you wish and go on with your life with your head held high like the lady you are.”

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Fans tell Elizabeth Gutiérrez: “Look for a man who loves you and respects you as you deserve”