Father of the ‘Cat’ warned him about Melissa Paredes: “He has had many relationships before him”

On many occasions it was said that. For this reason, the father of the popular ‘Gato’ came to the fore to clarify and give his version in the program “Amor y Fuego”.

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“As a father, I have always wanted the best for my son and when I refer to the best, it is not to reach these situations as they have now. As a father I told my son, I did not foreshadow it. All the cases of couples that are of the show business end like this, almost all of them. I was very cautious and in the case of my son, he has an impeccable demeanor. That was my recommendation: ‘Look well, think well, you just met her, not long ago’”, Jorge Cuba begins to tell in Amor y Fuego.

“When you first met her and he appeared saying: ‘I’m going to marry Melisa,'” said “Peluchin,” when asked about her initial perception. “You didn’t celebrate it.”

Given this, Jorge Cuba replied: “I had my reservations, I know I told him and I commented on it to the whole family and none of the family agreed, I tell you like this,” he added.

“Rodrigo is an older person, responsible for his actions and I respect his decision. Just in his opportunity I gave him advice as a father to be careful and in the future he will not find a situation like the one that is happening now, ”Jorge Cuba told Amor y Fuego.

Jorge Cuba, father of ‘Gato’ Cuba, did you go to your son’s wedding with Melissa Paredes?

“I went to the marriage, basically for my son because a son only gets married once, and as much as I was dissatisfied with that marriage, I couldn’t stop going. I had my doubts about going, ”said Jorge Cuba, father of ‘Gato’ Cuba en Amor y Fuego.

After that statement, Rodrigo Cuba asks him if at any time there was peace or the relationship was always strained. Jorge Cuba responds: “No, she has never been tight, I just didn’t have much contact with her. That’s the issue, I avoided, “he added.

Papa del ‘Gato’ describes Melissa Paredes’ personality

On the personality of Melissa Paredes, Rodrigo Cuba’s father indicated: “She is impulsive, self-centered, I think we all know her and her impulses win her over,” explained Jorge Cuba, father of soccer player Rodrigo Cuba.

Did it bother you that Melissa Paredes reminded you of your past at the national level? This answered Jorge Cuba

“The truth is that I did not feel anything. I took it easy and like I said earlier, I take it from whoever comes. She has not thought before throwing that phrase. You can win a lawsuit, for that, but I’m not going to do anything. She has not thought when throwing that phrase. What we want is to reach an agreement ”, he commented.

Pope of Cuba denies that he did not love Melissa Paredes because she was humble and “chola”

“That is a lie, I come from a humble family, I am from the neighborhood, I am not rich, I never was, so I could not express myself that way about her. I did an X-ray of her because I wanted to see who my son was marrying, and for that reason, I spoke with Rodrigo. I know well where it comes from, I mean the world well known as shows and how it has grown, and how it has developed, because I did not want what is happening to my son, the pain that he is going through. She has had many relationships before being with my son. She is not a person who was just starting a courtship, but she had three, four or five commitments that I have read and people have told me about. I said be careful, above all because of the scandals and how it has been handled ”, he explained.

Papá de Gato Cuba confirms that he and Rodrigo went to the marriage with Melissa Paredes in the same suit

“That was a message,” declared Jorge Cuba on the Amor y Fuego program.


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Father of the ‘Cat’ warned him about Melissa Paredes: “He has had many relationships before him”