Fedez, Chiara Ferragni’s husband, announces that he has a serious illness

Far from his nice and irreverent image and that glamor that has followed him since before his spectacular wedding with Chiara Ferragni, fedez He took his Instagram stories to give news that no one expected. Although the Ferragnez are used to share your day to day through Instagram and they even had their own reality show, this time it has been completely different. The 32-year-old musician looked dislocated, looking at the camera, with trembling hands and a broken voice, it was not for less, he had to share something difficult with his followers. Fedez announced that a serious illness has been detected, which he still does not want to reveal, but he knows that he was found on time and after hearing the testimonies of other patients, he is calmer.



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“I make this video to exorcise in the hope that it will be good for me too. Unfortunately, they found me a health problem, but, fortunately, it was found at a good time, which implies an important path, a path that I also feel I can count on. But not now, not at this time when I need to cling to my family, my children. I want to tell it in the future, because when I discovered what I discovered, reading other people’s stories gave me comfort, ”Fedez is heard saying in the series of stories on her Instagram profile.

“If my story manages to give comfort even to a person who may not be lucky enough to be surrounded by as many loved ones as it happens to me with my beautiful family, it makes me think that this parenthesis in my life has a use and I manage to give it a meaning, something that obviously cannot be given to him sometimes”, he continues, while he has to pause several times to be able to regain his composure and speak without bursting into tears, “Just now I realize the importance of being able to make him smile from the start. the other side of the device to someone who may be going through a difficult time.”

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Positive in the midst of this great challenge that has been presented to him and with the strength that Leone, 3, and Vittoria, 1, give him, Fedez told the camera: “I am ready to face this new adventure that life has presented to me. . I hope to be able to give positive updates soon.”

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Why the alarms have been raised in Italy

Speculation about Fedez’s illness has not been lacking, especially in Italy, where he is a music star and has a successful career that has been followed over the years. This is why an episode from three years ago has been retaken and today monopolizes all the local newspapers. During an intervention in La Confessione sul Nove, on December 5, 2019, Fedez said: “They have found something called demyelination in my head, I am at risk of multiple sclerosis. I have to be controlled because it is a radiologically proven syndrome. This can be, of course, that it becomes sclerosis “

At that time, he confessed that this diagnosis was: “The reason for starting a path to improve and choose my battles. Starting today, if this happens… for me, why have I fought today? I realized that I had been behind a lot of nonsense, a lot of people who probably didn’t deserve it.”

Despite this, the possibility that the current diagnosis is related to these statements is mere speculation and it will be until he is ready to share his story that it will be known what is wrong with him.

Faced with this situation, Chiara has not lowered her hands: “The love of my life, Fedez, needs extra support these days. We love you more than ever my love, and you will be well soon, always surrounded by the love of your family, friends and the people who love you so much, ”she wrote.

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Fedez, Chiara Ferragni’s husband, announces that he has a serious illness