Felicia Mercado justifies Luis de Llano of course “abuse” against Sasha: “Men are men”

The bond they had during that time he described as “toxic”. In addition, it generated a great conflict within Sasha’s family where they “went crazy” when they found out.

Her mother, Magdalena Cuillery, took her out of Timbirichewhere Luis de Llano enjoyed a position of power as a producer.

Felicia Mercado questions Sasha’s actions in the Luis de Llano case

One of the reactions that this case has generated was that of Felicia Mercado, who after winning the Señorita México pageant in 1977, ventured as a soap opera actress.

In her statements, she questioned the actions that the former member of Timbiriche had at that time, when she was still a teenager and already had a relationship with the producer, 25 years older than her.

“I was already, what? About 15 years old, right? I think she already made her decision and I don’t know if she put the gun on her and told him ‘by force you have to do it'”, said the actress in statements for ‘Come the joy weekend’ last Sunday, March 13.

“I don’t know, I’ve known them both for many years and he’s my lifelong friend,” added the soap opera actress like Canaveral of Passions.

“I think that at 14 years old well… and being in the environment we are in, at 15 I was already Miss Mexico and all the lords of the world threw themselves at meeveryone,” she said, describing what, according to her, was happening at that time.

Faced with such a scenario, Felicia Mercado mentioned that ” you already have (head) or your mom And you have a little head and you know if you accept a situation like that or not, right?”

Felicia Mercado defends her “friend” Luis de Llano in the case of Sasha Sökol

The 62-year-old presenter also reiterated that she has a friendship with Luis de Llano whom she justified with her actions.

“He’s my friend, what do you want me to tell you?: ‘Men are men’ and sorry,” he said.

I love him very much, I love him, I adore himWe are friends I have not seen him for a long time, since this happened I have not heard from him, I have not spoken to him, so I do not know, “he added.

Finally, he blamed the media for reviving past situations. “He are aware of what they did or could have done and that it’s been so long since we’re already in another and that you take all this out thousands of years later (he makes faces as if it doesn’t make sense), “he concluded.

However, the origin of the scandal came from Luis de Llano himself. On Sunday, March 6, he gave an interview to Yordi Rosado’s YouTube channel, where he talked about the relationship he had with Sasha.

There he recognized that he fell in love with her, but it could have been a “platonic” love because it only lasted “6 months”. According to the creative, “girls” like Sasha were looking for “a kind of father image” with the.

Two days later, Sasha reacted by calling the statements “false”. What did de Llano do? For example, the artist maintained that the “relationship” lasted “4 years”.

Luis de Llano has remained silent since the scandal broke. The Mexico City Attorney General’s Office offered Sasha to “attend” to her case.

Last Friday the 11th, there were versions that the actress also went to her to initiate legal proceedings against the producer. Later, the Prosecutor’s Office clarified that “there was no record of his presence” on site.


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Felicia Mercado justifies Luis de Llano of course “abuse” against Sasha: “Men are men”