Fernando Colunga reappears smiling, without wrinkles and without gray hair at 55

Fernando Colunga reappears smiling, without wrinkles and without gray hair at 55. The soap opera actor like “Dawn”, “Real love” and “Tomorrow is Forever” he looked most handsome next to one of his companions on the set of “history of a clan”, the soap opera that will mark his return to television.

Undoubtedly Fernando Colunga is one of the most beloved actors on Mexican and Latin television, telenovelas like “Maria from the neighborhood”, “Never forget you”, “Emerald”, “the usurper” and more have become one of his unforgettable successes and his followers love each of his facets.

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Even though Fernando Colunga He has always led his personal life discreetly, for some time now it has been rumored that he has a romantic relationship with the actress White Sotowith whom he coincided in the telenovela “Because love rules”. He has not made any statements about it, but it was learned from colleagues on the telenovela, such as Carmen Salinas, who stated that they were a couple.

After his participation in “Passion and Power” in 2016, Fernando Colunga took a break in his career and now returns to television with “history of a clan”, a soap opera that is already being recorded in Argentina and that will mark its debut with Telemundo.

Fernando Colunga He looked very jovial with a blue shirt that highlighted his muscles and as smiling as always, impeccable without wrinkles, without gray hair and next to one of his companions, Manuel Masalva.

On this occasion, Fernando Colunga will show a new facet, because although he is the protagonist of the story, he will be a cruel character who will give much to talk about. The telenovela is expected to premiere in 2022.

Fernando Colunga and his family as a priority

Although it was planned that Fernando Colunga was the protagonist of the telenovela where the story of Jesus MalverdeHaving already made the promos and about to start filming, the actor left the project. Many versions were handled about it and the strongest was that the actor chose to be with his family due to the delicate state of his mother.

Colunga simply thanked the support of Telemundo and it was the television station that reported that it will be later when the actor behind unforgettable characters like “Louis Manrique” collaborate with them.

It is unknown for how long Fernando Colunga will collaborate with Telemundo or if he has committed to a certain number of telenovelas, but this will mark a new stage in his career, just as it happened with Silvia NavarroWilliam Levy and Eduardo Santamarina who have also joined the ranks of Telemundo with various projects.

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It was earlier this month when “history of a clan” began its recordings and it is expected that before the end of 2022, we will be able to see the telenovela of Fernando Colunga onscreen.

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Fernando Colunga reappears smiling, without wrinkles and without gray hair at 55