Few are aware that Kate Winslet has changed the Hollywood rules forever

Kate winslet he knows all too well the fixation that the industry and the culture around him have on the superficial perfection of feminine beauty. And also of the cruelty that lies in it. She lived it in her own flesh as a child, then as a teenager and as an Oscar-winning star for Titanic. But 2021 was the year that stood up more than ever to that Hollywood that blurs wrinkles, trims extra kilos and covers imperfections that are nothing more than the mirror of life itself. That Hollywood that promotes unrealistic standards of beauty leading to unattainable stereotypes.

At 46, she alone changed the rules forever.

Kate Winslet from & # 39; Mare of Easttown & # 39; at the 73rd Paramount + Emmy Awards. (Photo by Francis Specker / CBS via Getty Images)

Kate Winslet from ‘Mare of Easttown’ at the 73rd Paramount + Emmy Awards. (Photo by Francis Specker / CBS via Getty Images)

Like other actresses like Salma Hayek or Carrie-Anne Moss, she knows the cruelty that coexists in the superficiality related to the world of cinema. From the industry itself to the repercussion of fame as a figure exposed to tabloids and magazine covers, and even in the expectations of an audience accustomed to consuming the unreal perfection that Hollywood promotes. She lived it in her own flesh when as a child she dreamed of being an actress but magazines did not appear illustrated with bodies like hers. She herself recognized the magazine Vanity fair in 2008 having suffered bullying at school. She said that the children laughed at her for wanting to be an actress when she was heavier than the rest and even locked her in a closet. I dreamed of being an actress but “I didn’t see fat famous stars”And that’s why I didn’t think I would get it.

Then, at age 14, her own drama teacher told her that her career would do well as long as she settled for roles of “fat girl ”(The Guardian). And when he finally achieved world recognition with Titanic He discovered that beyond his work in the blockbuster production, the world was still talking about his physical appearance. “In my 20s, people talked a lot about my weight. And they called me to comment on my own physique “ said to The Guardian in 2021 pointing out the “shocking, critical and cruel that tabloid journalists were with me ”. For her it was so disturbing that “it damaged his self-esteem ” making her feel very lonely, and came to consider whether to try her luck in Hollywood or not for fear that the scrutiny would be even worse.

His mind changed when he had his first daughter, Mia, at the age of 25, turning his attention to his family, work and himself, away from the more superficial exposure of the business that surrounded him. In this way, he gave us performances as natural and authentic as the ones we saw in The reader, Revolutionary Road or the miniseries Mildred Pierce. This is how he created a varied filmography, giving the final blow to that industry that imposes so much perfection that it was pointed out at different stages of his life in 2021.

Kate Winslet in Mare of Easttown (Photo: HBO Espa & # xf1; a)

Kate Winslet in Mare of Easttown (Photo: HBO Spain)

And he did it in different ways through one of the best miniseries of the year, Mare of Easttown. On the one hand, when put the brakes on immediately upon discovering that they were going to use his figure to perpetuate the image of unreal perfection that so affected his life in the past. First, by denying director Craig Zobel to cut out a shot where it looked like “a little belly ” hers in a sex scene with Guy Pearce. “Don’t you dare! ” told her when the director suggested the retouch, according to what she herself told New York Times. And second, by returning two promotional posters from the series to the marketing department because they had erased their wrinkles. She herself shared with the world that they insisted that she couldn’t do it, but that she told them “Guys, I know how many wrinkles I have next to my eye, please put them back ”.

But in addition to putting her own brake so that the naturalness that she wanted to transmit to the world was respected, what really made Kate Winslet change the rules of Hollywood was her own work on Mare of Easttown.

The actress and mother of three gave herself body and soul to the role of the series’ most imperfect police detective. She herself wanted Mare to be authentic and natural, that we see her rough edges to understand her and find meeting points with her. He gained muscle mass in his thighs using an exercise bike, he exposed his wrinkles, sun spots and naturalness to the maximum, exposing emotions through a character who left his problems and feelings exposed without melodrama, but with pain, anger and loneliness in the look, his way of speaking, walking and communicating with the world.

Kate Winslet in Mare of Easttown (Photo: HBO Espa & # xf1; a)

Kate Winslet in Mare of Easttown (Photo: HBO Spain)

Thanks to your work, Mare of Easttown was crowned one of the best limited series of 2021 and showed Hollywood a lesson that has caused the industry to take notice. Because the public appreciated that naturalness that did not force fictional prototypes for a 46-year-old woman; connecting with Mare Sheehan beyond the self-improvement story and the thriller tone of the plot. This connection between character and audience was thanks to Kate Winslet and her commitment to portraying a woman with realism who lives in mourning for a son, with his own traumas, passions, and motivations to move on, without sweetening by removing wrinkles, getting touch-ups, or polishing features to meet industry standards.

And by her own desire, with that motivation for the authenticity of herself and her character, Kate Winslet captivated the public and gave HBO a success, showing Hollywood that the public appreciates and seeks roles like this, which they can believe and identify with. .

Kate Winslet was never a halftone actress and with Mare of Easttown made it clear that it does not intend to promote the same stereotypes that marked it in the past, but quite the opposite. And after her, little by little, it seems that Hollywood has been taking notice, as is the case with And just like that … where three of the protagonists of Sex in New York jump back in time to dress the classic characters, now as 55-year-old women, with the right radical uncovering of gray hair and wrinkles. While Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore took Instagram by storm sharing a picture together to face washed. It only remains to hope that in 2022 Hollywood continues to take note of the teacher Kate Winslet.

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Few are aware that Kate Winslet has changed the Hollywood rules forever