Flirtatious pose from Cancun Lizbeth Rodríguez in a swimsuit

The famous youtuber, businesswoman, model and actress Lizbeth Rodriguez began to delight his millions of followers with new content using a flirty Swimwear of two pieces.

The coquette Lizbeth Rodriguez He has been enjoying the beaches of Cancun for several days, as he has let us know in his most recent Instagram posts precisely.

His name is immediately associated with that of the Badabun company, due to the fact that he spent several years working in it conducting the program “Exposing Infidels”.

To the date Lizbeth Rodriguez She continues to expose everyone who is unfaithful, in fact she has also done it in Cancun, despite the fact that many thought she was enjoying her vacation, the young woman does not miss any opportunity to have something of a show in her life and that of others .

The publication that he shared just five hours ago is wearing a two-piece swimsuit in white, he is also wearing a short beige sarong, in total there were three photos that Tavo Betancourt’s ex-girlfriend shared.

Lizbeth Rodríguez poses flirtatiously in a swimsuit from Cancun | Instagram lizbethrodriguezoficial

In all three he appears in the same place with a small variation in his poses, in the first one he is in profile wearing his long and wavy hair and beige sneakers that match the clothes he is wearing.


“For kilometers we are connected,” commented the influencer in her publication, this was her description with which several of her fans agree.

As you well know Lizbeth decided to get a tattoo with her younger brother, whom she practically educated when she was younger, this one looks in each of the photos.

Apparently in the second image, it seems that the pieces she was wearing below were quite tiny since you can see her later charms thanks to the position in which she is posing.

The place where the person who exhibited the alleged infidelity of Juan de Dios Pantoja is, it seems to be a palapa in the hotel where he is, surely it is a restaurant.

When did Lizbeth Rodríguez leave Badabun?

The youtuber, like other people, were fired from the famous company Badabun, after some influencers showed up to talk about the “deals” they received from some company executives.

Obviously they withdrew from the company, but in the case of Rodríguez, as well as other people, they were cut off from their services, this happened at the beginning of 2020.

Immediately after her departure, she became an entrepreneurial woman, so she chose to start running her own company, which apparently has been consolidated since it has been doing quite well, she also has her own channel and makes the content she wants.

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Flirtatious pose from Cancun Lizbeth Rodríguez in a swimsuit