Florence Pugh messes up with Marvel fans, and doesn’t even realize it

Not even Hollywood stars are free from being banned on social networks, as you have just verified Florence Pugh. The actress of Little women Y Midsommar, who recently joined the Marvel Universe in Black widow, have you seen how Instagram blocked your account so that you cannot post images temporarily.

However, in this case, the reason for the platform is more than justified, since Pugh and her boyfriend would have used their profiles to share spoilers for Hawkeye, the new Disney + series focused on the character of Jeremy renner.

Florence Pugh at the Louis Vuitton Parfum Dinner in Paris (Photo: Julien M. Hekimian / Getty Images for Louis Vuitton)

Florence Pugh at the Louis Vuitton Parfum Dinner in Paris (Photo: Julien M. Hekimian / Getty Images for Louis Vuitton)

Pugh debuted in the series Hawk Eye in the chapter released this Wednesday, a moment expected by the fans, since his presence was confirmed almost a year ago. But nevertheless, no viewer knew at what exact moment the character would appear, the importance it would have in the plot or in what plot circumstances it would occur, so some of them have had to choose to report the actress’s account on Instagram for spoiling their surprise.

And it is that not only has shared a small image or description, but her boyfriend Zach Braff uploaded the entire scene with her reacting to his appearance, which evidently revealed what was the big surprise at the end of the last chapter.

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Given the circumstances, Pugh has not been satisfied with Instagram’s decision to temporarily ban her and has made it very clear in his stories.

“I never thought that publishing the love I have for the series in which I appear would be eliminated. But that’s how it has been”wrote the actress. “Someone here complained, so I was prevented from posting my own appearance in one that I’m very into. Beyond the ridiculous, being in Hawkeye is a privilege and thanks to all who welcomed me on and off the set and to all who are watching it “.

These words qualify that, apparently, you are not aware of the scope of your actions on the social network. Yes, share your excitement for being in a series like Hawk Eye It is something totally normal and common in emerging stars as is your case, but the situation has been much more than that.

Marvel fans who had not seen the last chapter (after all, not all viewers can see premieres in the mornings on the same day of launch) and had entered their profile would have been gutted the biggest surprise of it. And it is not a tasteful dish, so It is understandable that users have proceeded to report their publication and Instagram has decided to take action on the matter.. Because we are not talking about just any person, but about a new and influential Marvel actress that many fans are waiting for.

On the other hand, Pugh should be aware that being in a major franchise like Marvel requires a lot of responsibility.. For example, now that Spider-Man: No Way Home It is so topical and it is rumored that Tobey McGuire and Andrew Garfield could appear with Tom Holland, can you imagine any of them uploading the same day of the premiere their reaction to their supposed appearance gutting the surprise? It would be totally unthinkable. And is that apart from earning the rejection of fans, Marvel itself could take action on the matter by revealing confidential information.

It could be understood that this material was published a few weeks after the premiere, but not right after the broadcast of the chapter of Hawk Eye. And still, it could also be out of place as there are viewers who could join the series much later and want to discover its surprises on their own. It is true that Marvel promoted his return on your Instagram account, but it was a few hours later that the actress made her publication and Zach Braff uploaded the videos, which leads us to wonder if he was planning to release the detail so soon after the premiere of the chapter or they had no choice after the spoiler of the actress.

Florence Pugh earned the respect of critics and Marvel viewers thanks to her debut as Yelena Belova, a character who became a scene stealer in Black widow and picked up the witness of the character of Scarlett Johansson with great ease. However, with these actions perhaps you should try to be more conscientious and careful when posting content for your followers.

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Florence Pugh messes up with Marvel fans, and doesn’t even realize it