“For the first time I got my thoughts on the day of delivery,” Greeicy shows her excitement at entering the final phase of her pregnancy

Colombian singer and actress Greeicy Rendón. Image: @Greeicy
Colombian singer and actress Greeicy Rendón. Image: @Greeicy

Greeicy Rendon She is already eight months pregnant. And, throughout this elapsed time, the singer has realized how well she has had a good time in this period of her life. Needless to say, this will be the first time that the actress will also live the experience of being a mother. However, although there are surely many aspects that she has thought about with reference to the arrival of her first-born or first-born, the woman from Cali had not focused on childbirth until now and, these days, she commented from her Stories on Instagram that gave him the “thought” on the matter.

For the first time I thought on the day of delivery, oh my God! … I understand that not all pregnancies are the same… and that, just as this one of mine was so incredible and I mean this on a healthy level, in every way, maybe another child – if at some point we are going to have another child – maybe be completely different… that has allowed me to live it in a very calm way and that I have not given much thought to many things, as sometimes I feel that I am very relaxed”, were his first words on the subject.

Later, the interpreter of ‘An adventure’ reported that she recently felt a change in her body that made her land on the idea that she is about to give birth to her son or daughter.

I know close people who try to prepare as much as possible for that moment… but today I said: – My God, what have I done all these eight months of my life? I didn’t prepare and the time is coming – because also the body begins to change constantly… but I just felt a change that told me: Hello, I am the final phase”.

This in view of some pain he has been having. “I’ve had a lot of pain, over the course of the weight, the lower abdominal part obviously gets tired at the end of the day, the hips… but this one today told me: – The final phase has arrived -… like the pelvis, on the sides, those little bones, I have bone pain there, of course, today I said final phase, it makes perfect sense, the baby is already in positionthe head is there and it is opening its space, then the hips have been widening…”.

Beyond the fact that the singer from Cali appears in the media for this time because of her pregnancy, she also does so because of her recent album (‘La carta’), the tour she just completed in the country and was called ‘ Lovers Tour 2022: Att Amor’ and, now, for their nominations for The Heat Awards (2022).

In this way, the name of the artist is reflected in the categories of: ‘Best pop artist’, ‘Best video’ (For ‘Far with me’), ‘Best female artist’ and ‘Best video’ (For ‘2005′, song by Fonseca in which Cali and El Dandee also sing).

June 2 is the date selected in the calendar for the award ceremony to take place.


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“For the first time I got my thoughts on the day of delivery,” Greeicy shows her excitement at entering the final phase of her pregnancy