Former Playboy bunnies narrate the abuse they suffered with Hugh Hefner

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After the series premiere Secrets of Playboy -which brings to light lurid details of what was lived inside Hugh Hefner’s mansions-, more secrets continue to be revealed. Now it was the twin sisters Karissa and Kristina Shannon who recounted what they describe as a horrible experience.

international media like Clarion Y The Mirror They published the statements of the sisters, who said that when they turned 18 they were taken to the mansion to have sex with Hefner. “They forced them to have unprotected group sex and manipulated them with alcohol and drugs,” he explained. The clarin.

The sisters claim that Hefner had a black soul and that after the mansion experience they suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and depression.

The twins, currently 32 years old, say they are thinking of filing a lawsuit for everything they suffered. In his story in the middle Sunday Mirror, they remembered that everything that happened was terrifying. “It was creepy. We feel dirty, disgusted, as if our bodies were not ours,” Karissa said in the interview.

In addition, they added that Hefner acted like a king and that he asked them to call him dad.

The Shannons spent two years in the Playboy mansion and, in all that time, they witnessed that group sex and drugs were common in the place.

About the first sexual encounter with Hef, they remember that he gave them a pill called quaalude, which is a sedative known for its hypnotic qualities, he explained. Clarion. “At first we felt frozen, but after a while the pill left us loose and confused,” Kristina recalled.

Unwanted pregnancy

In her story, Karissa confessed that she became pregnant with Hefner at the age of 19, when he was 83. The ex-bunny stated that she had no doubts who the father was because she had only had sex with him. The young woman, at that time, had no intention of becoming a mother, much less of a child of the man she considered had done her so much harm, so she had an abortion.

Karissa found out about her pregnancy by chance, as she had had a blood test done to eventually undergo breast augmentation surgery that Hefner himself had ordered her to have.

“I just wanted to get rid of the baby as soon as possible. He didn’t want Hef to find out and he never did. Neither do the rest of the people. She was upset, as if the devil was inside me. I found a clinic in Los Angeles to have an abortion. I had Hef’s security people drop us off at the mall, pretending we were going to go shopping. Then I called a friend to pick us up. We were able to keep it a secret,” Karissa recalled.

The Shannon sisters were recruited to live in the mansion and become bunnies when they were 18 years old. They were discovered by some photographs that they had published on their social networks, the Playboy team searched for them and convinced them to go live with Hefner to be one of her girlfriends.

They stated that during the time they were by the tycoon’s side they felt like they were kidnapped in a palace, since they also lived locked up and constantly watched by Hefner’s security.

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Former Playboy bunnies narrate the abuse they suffered with Hugh Hefner