Former Playboy bunny reveals details of life at Hugh Hefner’s mansion

Since the 1970s, playboy mansion It became one of the most famous in the world thanks to the luxurious parties it held Hugh hefner, owner of the building and founder of the magazine for adults Playboy.

However, many details of the life of Hefner – who died in 2017 at the age of 91 – along with the ‘bunnies‘are still unknown.

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In that sense, Jenna Bentley, who came to the mansion in 2007 when she was 18 years old, recounted some of the experiences she lived while residing there, as well as explained certain rules that the ‘bunnies‘they had to comply.

Bentley, who is currently 32 years old, lived in the ‘Bunny house‘, the place next to the house where the three main rooms of the tycoon were, exclusively for his girlfriends and official wives.

Bentley said, in an interview with ‘JamPress’, that the mansion “was a real life Barbie playhouse”, as it had cinemas, animals, trampolines, stylists, among other luxuries.

There was a phone that we called ‘Dial-a-Dream’ because you could press 0 and ask for whatever you wanted, at any time of the day or night. For example, if I wanted French fries from McDonald’s at 3 am, they would go out and get them. “he commented.

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In addition, he spoke about the ‘crazy’ parties that were lived in the house, in which a large number of celebrities attended. In fact, the model remembered a party attended by Angelina Jolie, Tommy Lee, Pamela Anderson and Dennis Rodman.

“There will never be anything like your parties. I mean, people think they were wild, but they were wilder than you can imagine (…) I saw a lot of celebrities have sex there. “Bentley said.

Despite the parties and luxuries, the model said that not everything was ‘rosy’, because the ‘bunnies’ had to comply strict rules while they lived with Hefner. One of them was the curfew at 9 pm, which was strictly enforced.

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“It wasn’t like we were prisoners, although if you didn’t make it to curfew you ended up sleeping in the yard. They were very strict about it.”Bentley said.

Additionally, the model said that they could not have boyfriends, since “even meeting boys was a reason for immediate expulsion.”

It should be noted that Bentley mentioned that he had to sign a “very, very, very tight” confidentiality agreement, so he cannot reveal many details of his life at the mansion.

Finally, the model affirmed that, although not everything was perfect, she is very grateful to Hefner, who, according to her, “had a giant heart” and used to be “nice and kind to everyone. He always did everything possible to make everyone agree. feel comfortable. “

“It was a dream come true living in the house, you felt that you were special and that Hef only had eyes for you. When there are millions of girls who want to be in the position you are in, you definitely feel important. “, he concluded.

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Former Playboy bunny reveals details of life at Hugh Hefner’s mansion