Four years after the death of Rocío Gancedo: “She asked everyone for help, but I did not believe that things could go so far”

Rocío Gancedo had decided to change her look, and she had short hair
Rocío Gancedo had decided to change her look, and she had short hair

“Beautiful, determined, intelligent”, were the three words he chose Rodolfo Magallán Gancedo to remember his younger sister, “Ro”, Although she clarified that she“ was much more than those three things ”. Four years after the death of Rocío Gancedo, her brother hopes that the pain will give way to the beautiful memories and to be able to keep her in mind through “thousands of anecdotes” shared. Maybe that’s why, to remember her and keep her alive – so simple but complex at the same time – that she decided to speak for the first time in the media.

Rocío was in 2010 for nothing more than 13 days in the house of Big Brother, but the aforementioned qualities made her stand out from the rest of the participants: she made theatrical seasons, was on the cover of the most important magazines and even ventured into politics. At noon on November 29, 2017, he made the drastic decision to kill himself, throwing himself from the balcony of the third floor of the apartment where he lived, in the Las Cañitas neighborhood.

Rocío Gancedo in the confessional of the house of Big Brother
Rocío Gancedo in the confessional of the house of Big Brother

“November is long for me, I take it as best I can … Four years have passed, but it costs,” Rodolfo told Teleshow and he remembered March 27, 1989, when he was ten years old and was told that his little sister had arrived: “He arrived at the wrong time, it was a distraction. I was little and was born at 9:30 am. She was my shadow and I was always a very ranger, my friends spent me and more after Big Brother ”.

They shared “15 billion anecdotes,” but it’s still hard to remember one in particular. “He was doing him bad things like an older brother”, He admitted about that code that exists between the brothers, that between them everything can be done and said, but that no one from the outside dares to interfere, because there it is possible.

She was always very sparkly and as frontal as she looked, she did not measure it and what she wanted, she always reached it”. Like when it was spotted on the reality show at that time broadcast by Telefe: “It was my birthday and he said he was going to GH, a journalist friend of mine told him ‘sign up, you find the profile’ and he did. That change was strange because it had nothing to do with our reality, we had a very quiet life, she liked to be in the school plays, she did dance, but the truth is that she scored for scoring ”.

And she was among those chosen to be in the most famous house in the country. She was the first eliminated, then she returned and at the time she left the game but her frontal character and beauty made her reach the middle to stay. “After that I saw her in the maelstrom that everyone was in, it changes their lives, it is a train that goes two thousand kilometers per hour, I worked from 6 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon and I accompanied her to the presences more than anything at the beginning that she asked me, so I was days without sleep. Then she started driving alone because she didn’t like me getting too involved, “said Rodolfo.

What were they like siblings? “We had our moments, we could sometimes laugh in Aramaic, but between us, nobody interfered. And as an aunt, she was divine, nor did she expect that she would be such a good aunt. Everything that she would have liked to have as a girl, she bought it or gave it to my daughter, they put on makeup together on the floor, they enjoyed themselves, until she got tired of listening to the songs of La Granja ”, she said with a smile.

Gervasio Díaz Castell and Rocío Gancedo
Gervasio Díaz Castell and Rocío Gancedo

Just one of the most difficult tests for him was explaining to his daughter, who was only three years old at the time, that her aunt would no longer be there to play and put on makeup with her. “At that moment it did not fall, but whenever he sees a little star he says ‘there is Aunt Ro’, we try to keep the memory alive. Rocío loved my daughter very much and it is when you forget people that they leave ”.

The pain is immense, it will never go away and you learn to live with it. “I keep it in mind every day, it doesn’t end, you get used to it, you do things, you work, but …. suddenly you stop crying every day and you start remembering nice things or anecdotes, like one day we hit a stick on the boys’ bike because they wanted to get off and put their foot on the wheel ”.

As of November 29, 2017, everything changed in the family. “My mom has mood swings, she’s not well and she takes it as best she can. For her it was terrible, she did not get over it at allIt’s torture for my old woman every day, ”she said with pain and said that although as mother and daughter they had their comings and goings, they were getting along well during the last months and that they had even arranged to see each other during the week to see an apartment , because Rocío would return to live near her family.

“It was a moment when I had the noise in my head, having to take charge, recognize it, all the quilombo. Besides, there were people around us who weren’t useful and who messed things up, “he said in reference to the environment of the former Big Brother at that time. A year later, when Justice gave him Rocío’s iPad and phone, he was able to see who was genuinely close to his sister and who was hurting her.

“Some people who wrote very nice things to her. When I saw the information, I also saw contacts that were not productive, people who were not useful and surrounded them ”. By those times, she was in psychological treatment with Gervasio Diaz Castelli and psychiatric with Elvira Sacco: “When I saw Rocío’s phone, I realized who they were in my sister’s life, that nothing to do with what they told us.”

“What were they to Rocío?”

—I saw his true personality, that Gervasio tried to help my sister, beyond some mistake, all he wanted was to do good.

“Do you hold a grudge or were you angry with him?”

-No. He even offered to give us a hand and was attentive to us.

“What happened to Rocío?”

“My sister’s painting was complicated.” You say ‘if I traveled in time …’, but she could have done anything, that day or another.

“What do you feel when you think about the outcome?”

—It gives you powerlessness, because if I had been alone I would stay in the apartment with her, but I had a small girl, my wife, I living in Lomas del Mirador and she in Palermo. The last day I see her is November 14, my birthday. In the middle we talk.

“Did she give any sign?”

– At that time I did not realize it, I did not believe that things could go so far, no one believes. She asked everyone for help and I was as present as I could, but I couldn’t do more and she didn’t want to live here with me.

“I think she didn’t think about it, she was very impulsive and it was an impulse. What she had was a problem, a mental illness and by the time she repented it was late “, he analyzed. In the next few days, he will go to the courts to ask the judge to authorize the family to remove Rocío’s body, since the cause for the investigation of his death is closed. The idea is to cremate it and rest it in the ashlar of the evangelical church that the family attended. “My mother wants that and I promised her, although I have been unconsciously delaying it.”

In her last months she had begun to paint, an activity that excited her
In her last months she had begun to paint, an activity that excited her

Rodolfo believed in God until his sister happened: “There is a great force that moves things, God, Allah or whatever it is called, but these things happen … there is something that is unfair “. Where do you get energy to get ahead for four years? Of his daughter, of his wife whom he defined as “made of iron” and recounted the talk he had with Gervasio Días Castelli that made him reflect: “After what happened I came to weigh 225 kilos, I dedicated myself to eat, to punish myself with that and he wanted to help me and said ‘you are choosing the same path as your sister but in a different way’Now I have lost 60 kilos ”.

“At the beginning it happened to me that I woke up saying ‘it’s a lie’ and when you realize that it did happen, you start the day tired. It’s ugly. My grandparents died and I took care of it, I grew up with them but it is something I expected. In 2016 my dad left and I saw it coming, but not hers. The departure of my old man affected Rocío a lot, he had a mental illness, dementia with Lewy bodies (a mixture of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s symptoms), it was hard, ”he said.

To close, a message for those who are going through a similar situation with a loved one: “I would tell them not to waste time, that as long as the person breathes, there is a possibility of saving them, that they do not wait for anything to act ”. Although he was able to accompany his sister, he feels that there were things to say and hugs to give: “Things remain, and more when the person is not expected to leave. There were times when we stopped talking, we lost time and that’s why I tell my friends: talk, don’t be fools, a hug, I love you and that’s it, that shitty pride doesn’t have to be there ”.

* If you know someone who is in crisis or at risk of suicide, call the toll-free number at 135 from Buenos Aires or 011-5275-1135 or 0800-345-1435 from all over the country.


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Four years after the death of Rocío Gancedo: “She asked everyone for help, but I did not believe that things could go so far”