Fran Drescher meets with Renée Taylor, her mother in “The Nanny”, to give her fans great news

Almost 30 years after its premiere, all the episodes of the sitcom The babysitter they just got on the platform HBO Max Latin America for fans of the series to enjoy and captivate new viewers as well.

It was because of this Fran Drescher, protagonist and creator of the series, met with Renée Taylor, who played her mother in the iconic comedy, to announce the news to all her followers.

The actress is very active on social networks and often talks with her followers remembering the universe of her character Fran Fine, the witty neighbor from Queens who ends up working as a nanny for three children from the upper class in New York.

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To promote the program, the actress made a video with Taylor, 88, with the premise of reminding everyone that they can already enjoy the six seasons of the series on streaming.

“Everyone is loving The Nanny on HBO Max, it is available without commercials with the original chapters,” revealed the 64-year-old protagonist of the series. At that moment, Sylvia Fine’s interpreter intervenes to consult him: “No commercials?” To which Drescher, true to his character, replied: “Yes, mom, the break to go get a snack.”

The material generated laughter among her followers and thousands of reactions from fans who expressed their love for the actress.

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There were some people who asked him to put subtitles to understand what he was saying, since the video is in English.

“I was very lucky”

In an interview that she offered to LA NACION in September of last year, the protagonist, producer and screenwriter of La Niñera revealed how she went from being just an actress to having multiple tasks in her own series: “I was very lucky. I already had the project of writing and producing in my head, and I ran into the president of CBS on a plane, traveling to France. As soon as I saw him getting on the plane, I said, ‘Jeff,’ and he said, ‘Fran.’ We had met during the filming of the last movie I had worked on. I thought ‘thank God’ and ran to the bathroom to put on my makeup”, she revealed about the unexpected encounter that changed her life forever.

Later, he added: “I felt that the opportunity had knocked on my door. I walked over to his seat and convinced him that he needed to listen to my ideas. He said, ‘Okay, when we get back to the States, I’ll set up a meeting with the head of comedy at CBS for you.’ He turned out to be the kind of man who didn’t feel threatened by a woman. At that time, I still had no idea in mind. But later, during that same trip, the plot of The Nanny occurred to me.

As she said, the idea for the fiction arose after a trip to London, which she attended as the guest of her friend Twiggy, the world-renowned supermodel of the sixties.

Since she and her husband were working on a project, Fran took her daughter, who was about eleven years old, to see the city.
“In a: ‘My God, I hope she doesn’t want me to take her home, because I wasn’t ready to stop touring yet, so I told her to step on the back of the shoes. She asked me, ‘Isn’t that going to break them?’ And I answered: ‘Break them!’”, he recalled.

That scene made him think of the idea of ​​doing a series about a nanny who really doesn’t know how to take care of minors and gives them advice that favors her more than the children themselves, she said.

And that night she called Peter Marc Jacobson, her then-husband, who was in Los Angeles and said, “How about we do a kind of Sound of Music, but instead of Julie Andrews, I walk in the door? ”. And so began the project of this series that consecrated Drescher to world fame on TV and, today, also in streaming.


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Fran Drescher meets with Renée Taylor, her mother in “The Nanny”, to give her fans great news