Francisca Estévez: how was her tender illusion with Carlos Torres, her partner in “The chosen granddaughter”

Who is Francisca Estévez’s boyfriend? The Colombian actress stars, at just 18 years old, in the telenovela “”, From RCN, together with the leading man Carlos Torres. Both give life to Luis Mayorga and Juan Esteban Osorno, respectively, roles that maintain an attraction in fiction. The chemistry between the actors has left audiences intrigued as to whether the colleagues have the same relationship in real life. Francisca has been in charge of unveiling a secret in this regard that will shed more light on the subject.

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But the concrete thing is that He has started his career with a great step, as this series has become one of the most viewed in his country. She has said that her mother, also an actress Bibiana Navas placeholder image, has given you many tips so that you can function in the best way in front of the screens.

“I had a lot of help, the truth is, my mother is also an actress, Bibiana Navas, so she helped me a lot in everything, from the audition, the rehearsals, how to stand up, how to work this scene. I also had an acting coach, Alberto Rodríguez. The character is assembled through the scenes, then about the middle of the novel one says: ‘well, I think I already know what Luisa is like “said of his preparation to .

Within this interview, the young artist revealed a detail that he had told his mothers three years earlier, about Carlos Torres, who has become his colleague in “The chosen granddaughter”. “I loved working with him, he’s too funny, you can’t imagine. He was the best partner I could have to be my first partner on television “he said to the aforementioned portal.

The chosen granddaughter is characterized by her mystery plot. (Photo: The chosen granddaughter / Facebook)


Francisca Estévez and Carlos Torres are the protagonists of “The chosen granddaughter“, The popular RCN soap opera, but they are not a couple in real life. The Colombian actress, however, said that she had the illusion of working with the gallant on television, something that ended up being fulfilled.

In an interview with, she noted that she was very nervous about working with the cast of the aforementioned Serie, who knew all the actors, but especially knew a lot about Torres. “(…) My mother (Bibiana Navas) used to say to her about three years ago: ‘Oh, mommy, can you imagine that I could meet Carlos Torres one day? I mean, I’m dying, I don’t know what I’m going to do. ‘ And when they told me that the audition was with him I screamed“, he pointed.

And he added that “I had to calm down for a whole day and say, ‘Good!’ That he does not know, I never told him “. In addition to this, it is known that the actress would have a partner, a young man who has not yet been identified by the press who appeared with her in a photo by Halloween on Instagram.


is a classic soap opera of suspense and drama, full of intrigue, hatred and love, in which nothing is what it seems and in which each of the characters will show how far they are willing to go in order to satisfy their thirst for revenge and ambition.

The Colombian telenovela narrates the story of Sara de Roldán, a millionaire lady who introduces the humble young woman into her family Louise, his granddaughter who just appeared after the murder of her son ten years ago.

However, Luisa is an impostor who arrived there by order of her father, who plans a sinister revenge against the Roldán. That is why the young woman must decide between fulfilling her father’s mandate, or being loyal to Sara’s affection, while facing the rest of the Roldán.



Some of the scenes from “The chosen granddaughter“Have been starred by the actor Carlos Torres, with his character of Juan Esteban Osorio. On October 25 -according to Infobae- the RCN channel made a live broadcast with Carlos Torres, who gave some details never known before.

The mechanics were for users to ask the actor questions and one of them was about how were the recordings of the intimate scenes in the soap opera. Given this, Torres recognized how difficult it was for him to do this.

The funniest or most difficult scenes were the bed scenes, which in this project are the strongest I’ve done in my life, in my entire career without a doubt. The bed scenes here are taken to heart, they take them seriously, they get very creative”, He expressed.

But that was not all, well, Carlos Torres He assured that he had a lot of nerves in those moments when he had to remove some clothes. This is something similar that happened to him when he participated in “La reina del flow”.

They are very difficult to do, because one is always nervous and uncomfortable, taking care not to be seen more than necessary, but at the same time one wants the scene to look real, with passion and strength … those scenes are super uncomfortable“, said.

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Francisca Estévez: how was her tender illusion with Carlos Torres, her partner in “The chosen granddaughter”