Francisca feared being rejected by her husband’s family because of her physical features

Francisca He was honest like few times about the unfounded fears he came to have in the face of a rejection by the family of her husband, Francesco Zampognabecause of their physical features.

In a new interview for the digital series in his wordsavailable in Turn on TVthe presenter of Wake up America opened his heart about his racial origins on the occasion of the Black History Month.

Francisca believed that she could not marry a man like Francesco Zampogna

In the talk, from the central studies of Univision In Miami, the Dominican admitted that she came to think that being married to a man like her husband, of Italian origin, was something impossible for women like her.

“I used to think that girls like me, who looked like me, who were like me those things didn’t happen to themFrancisca said.

The former beauty queen also acknowledged that these ideas made her develop unfounded fears of rejection, which, according to her, she would be subject to when she met the family of the father of her son Gennaro.

“Go to meeting his mother and his family terrified me“acknowledged the winner of Our Latin Beauty 2015.

“I said: ‘But this man is so different from me, how am I going to get there, I mean, I’m sure he hasn’t dated someone who looks like me and maybe everyone in your house is white, light-colored,'” he continued.

“‘AND when they see me it will be different and they will opposealso the mother will not want her son to marry me or to want to be with me”, narrated the beloved communicator.

“In my husband’s family all the little nephews are like that with blond hair, light eyes and one of the questions I asked Francesco was: ‘Are you aware that our son is going to be so differentis it going to be with dark hair, is it going to be different because he is going to bring it for me?'”

The response he received from Francesco Zampogna, whom he married in 2019, was forceful: “He told me: ‘I don’t care, I love you and I I want our children to look like you‘”.

Francisca recounts how the first meeting with Francesco’s family was

Despite Francisca’s fears, the first time she met her now-husband’s family, she was met with a warm welcome.

“That fear was in that first meeting with his family until he arrived and I realize that it was not,” he said.

“(Is) super loving people, super responsive people that they opened their arms to me from the first time and how I looked was not a problem,” he shared.

“The self-esteem that I have now, the acceptance that I have now It has been a healing process. and to understand many things and to remove a lot of garbage that was put in my head, that society put in my head, a lot of garbage that I have left out, “he acknowledged.

Now more than ever I feel beautifulI feel comfortable in my skin. I have understood that what I am, being as I am and being different is something that I can take great advantage of, “she reflected.

Today, Francisca is clear that her origins make her “unique” and “special”: “And I celebrate it every day.”

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Francisca feared being rejected by her husband’s family because of her physical features