Francisca Lachapel is heartbroken for her son, what happened?

Francisca Lachapel is heartbroken for her son, what happened?

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Francesca Lachapel

Francesca Lachapel She has enjoyed motherhood to the fullest since she became pregnant with her first son Gennaro. The television host has shared with her thousands of followers each stage of her new life, declaring herself grateful for the joy of being Gennaro’s mother. But her immense happiness disappeared today, and her desperation is so great that she used her social networks to seek help and somehow overcome her pain.

the dominican32, uploaded a post to his Instagram account where he reveals that he is heartbroken, and all because of his only 7-month-old baby, who has given a new meaning to his life.

“I’m heartbroken, my son just said dad. Because that’s life? Any remedy for the pain?”, wrote the young mother along with the hashtag #dramaqueenforever.

And it was no secret to anyone that Francisca longed for the day her son would say the magic word “Mom”. Even a few months ago when he had to separate from his offspring for the first time to travel to New York for work, he stated that he suffered greatly when his friend Gomari Goyzo told him that he had visited Gennaro in his absence and that he seemed to hear what he had said ” Mom”.

On that occasion it was the same host of Despierta América (Univisión) who reported what happened.

“What happens is that when Francisca was away, her mother stayed at home with the baby and I stopped by at some point to see if everything was alright. So that day your mom was saying that [el bebé] he had reactions that he missed you because, let’s be honest, Gennaro doesn’t cry with me, so that day a couple of times I went to pick him up and he acted weird and your mom says ‘no, I know, he misses his mom and he just loves his mom’. So in that he says ‘mom’ and your mom says ‘see, mom says but I tell Francisca and Francisca doesn’t believe me’. So I took out a camera in my hand, like a guy who records […], and the video that I send you says a bit ‘mom’, but the mom didn’t say that clearly. Obviously I told you and you told me that it had destroyed you, “explained Goyzo during the broadcast of his No Rodeo podcast.

In the same program, Francisca explained the reason for her discontent. “Of course, Jomari, because what mother wants to lose when her son says something like that? You do not know how I am waiting to hear those words. If I sit down, I prepare it, I repeat a thousand times ‘mom, mom’ because I want to be present in my son’s life, I don’t want to miss out on anything, “said the presenter.

Clearly, the former beauty queen wasn’t expecting her baby to say Dad first. Faced with the desperate call that she made to her more than 3.4 million followers to overcome her sadness, her faithful audience filled her with funny comments.

“That betrayal is normal, not even Judas’s was so clear. Take it easy”, “What you don’t know is that once he discovers that when you say mom, YOU turn around, the thing is over… more or less about 5 thousand times a day you will hear him say mom for absolutely everything”, “Don’t worry, now You will see that you will be his queen forever, it will not take long for him to have acute mastitis”, and “It was not enough for him to look more like him, dad had to say first”, were some of the comments that they left him, and that surely they got more of a smile

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Francisca Lachapel is heartbroken for her son, what happened?