Francisca Lachapel, Karla Martínez and more talents from ‘Despierta América’ react to the incorporation of Jessica Rodríguez

Jessica Rodríguez the fresh face of'Despierta América'.

Jessica Rodríguez the fresh face of ‘Despierta América’.

Photo: Wake up America / Univision

Yesterday we told you that It was made official that Jessica Rodríguez joins ‘Despierta América’ as presenterand his peers like Francisca Lachapel, Karla Martínez, Chef Yisus Díaz, Raúl González and more talents reacted to their incorporation.

Not only in the announcement as we told you yesterday, but also took to their social networks to express happiness that they have that young woman who arrived 7 years ago as an intern, became a reporter, producer, at 27 years old becomes the youngest host of the ‘Happiest House on Hispanic Television’. Here is what they told you:


This pretty girl started in ‘Despierta América’ as an “intern”. Full of dreams, respectful and eager to work! I remember how he would arrive and hand me the notes before going on air. She sat next to me and asked me questions about the wonderful career of television. She managed to become a producer, then a reporter and now a presenter! She always said YES! And above all, she prepared herself, studied, had patience and never lost faith.. Today I am very happy that you are officially the youngest member of the family of @wakeamerica Your story will inspire and motivate new generations to never stop dreaming and fighting for those dreams.! Love you very much @jessivaleri Welcome!!! ❤️”.


Officially welcome to the great team of @wakeamerica @jessivaleri keep shining ⭐️ 💫❤️🙏🏽
Photobomb of our boss @luzmadoria What a great photo!”


“It’s official now. The millennial of the house, @jessivaleri is the driver of @wakeamerica You arrived my Jess, now, the important thing is to stay and reinvent yourself. God bless you. You deserve it. You know, I’m here for whatever you need. Ahhhh and up Venezuela! Tk❤️”.

As we told you, this Monday ‘Despierta América’ announced and introduced its new host, Jessica Rodríguez. Surrounded by her classmates, who have been part of and witnessed her growth since began in the show as an intern 7 years ago, Karla Martínez and Raúl González made the official announcement that, as of today, Jessi, 27 years old, is incorporated as presenter along with them two, and Francisca Lachapel, Satcha Pretto, Alan Tacher, Carlos Calderón and Chef Yisus Díaz.

This has been the best school, I have had the best teachers and I am very excited“, he said without being able to speak of emotion, so Alan took the floor to highlight the great worker, her positive spirit and his joy that spreads throughout the team.

“You came as an intern, and you took us the leaf… May it be the beginning of a beautiful career for you,” added Karlawho has become a kind of working mother for whom she is now the show’s millennial host.

Already in November of last year we anticipated that Jessi, who had been a guest presenter for several days, was chosen to be the official presenter. With her charisma, her thirst for learning and her freshness, she was conquering her space from the bottom, to fulfilling the dream of being in the number one show of the network in the mornings.

Behind his eternal smile, hides a story of struggle and sacrifice, like that of most immigrants. Although many they think that she was born in the United States or that she is Mexican because of her neutral accent and because of the love they have for her in the western part of the country, Jessi was born in Caracas, Venezuela and arrived in Miami at the age of 10, without knowing any English.

Her parents separated when she was very young, and while her father traveled to the United States to seek the American dream, she stayed in her native country with her mother, her little brother and her grandparents, who became second parents.

Already in the United States, his parents were reunited, something he always dreamed of. Therefore, after fulfilling that dream, he dedicated himself to the other: his passion for the media, for entertainment..

The Venezuelan journalist who has been an intern, producer, reporter, and owner of the segment ‘El Revoltillo Digital’managed not only to win the affection of her colleagues, of the public, but also of the new executives of the chain who see in her the element that the show was missing: the daughter, the granddaughter, the daughter-in-law, the niece, and the friend of the public.



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Francisca Lachapel, Karla Martínez and more talents from ‘Despierta América’ react to the incorporation of Jessica Rodríguez