Francisca Lachapel to Jomari Goyso: “Your audience knows how hypocritical you are”

Francesca Lachapel

Francesca Lachapel

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Francesca Lachapel and Jomari Goyso They once again starred in a fun moment within the friendship relationship that both personalities share. On this occasion, the host and the fashion and beauty specialist had an exchange of opinions while they talked about the wardrobe that the Dominican will wear at the Lo Nuestro Awards ceremony.

“CLOTHING TEST AWARD WHAT IS OURS. Last night we went out late to try on the dresses for Francisca! And so for me too! (I was clear about what I wanted because I had already talked about it with Gianina) 🤦🏻 May it be what God wants!! THANK YOU @gianninaazar for being part of our madness!! THANK YOU 🙏”, Jomari Goyso wrote when publishing the video with Francisca Lachapel.

In the middle of their conversation, Lachapel was on an electric stair climber.

“Every time you sent me one of the dresses you want for Premios Lo Nuestro, I told you ‘it depends on how you are that day’, that day has come and well…”, Goyso has said.

“How I look? Tell the truth, say what you think “, Lachapel asked him. “As always, spectacular, a queen, my favorite queen”, Goyso replied.

“The good thing is that your audience knows how hypocritical you are,” Francisca Lachapel told him. in the middle of the laughter of Goyso.

A few weeks ago Jomari Goyso and Francisca Lachapel also starred in a moment in which the fashion and beauty specialist spoke of the weight of the Dominican driver. “Did I tell you that you have to downgrade? No, it’s that the dresses she’s sending me look good if they’re size 1 or if they’re size 2, if in two months she thinks she’s going to be in that perfect size if she’s not going to be it doesn’t work for her, then nothing happens ” Goyso said at the time.

While they were in the vehicle on the way to the costume fitting, they had a conversation in which Lachapel asked Goyso to be honest with his opinions, but don’t make her doubt what she thinks.

Once on location, Francisca Lachapel tried on a shiny black pour with details on the sleeves. That was the only dress they let see in the video, although for a moment it was seen that she also wore an orange dress, but Francisca insisted that Jomari not record it.

Likewise, Jomari left the place with her outfit ready, since she had already discussed it with Giannina, the fashion designer who helped them with their costumes.. Now all that remains is to wait for the Lo Nuestro Awards ceremony to see what both personalities chose to wear.

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Francisca Lachapel to Jomari Goyso: “Your audience knows how hypocritical you are”