Francisca Lachapel’s wedding is approaching and we ask her if Jomari Goyso will be the one to do her hair

Francisca Lachapel during the magenta carpet of the Lo Nuestro 2022 awards.

Francisca Lachapel during the magenta carpet of the Lo Nuestro 2022 awards.

Photo: Giorgio Viera / EFE

Francesca Lachapel is organizing the big wedding, his big religious wedding with Francesco Zampogna, which will take place in the Dominican Republic. For this reason, we have spoken with the host of Despierta América, who revealed to us that she has a specific color for an event that will take place before the big event. And we also talked about her wedding dress. Does she have it or does she not have it yet? That’s all we talked about, so she keeps reading…

First let’s talk about your hair for that big day. And as we all know, Francisca and Jomari Goyso are very close friends. The famous Univision fashion critic has been in charge of doing the Dominican’s hair on several occasions. He has even helped her in the search for costumes for the program, in which now they are her companions again thanks to Sin Rollo. That is why we asked Francisca Lachapel if the Spaniard will be in charge of doing her hair for this big day.

Before our question Francisca broke into laughter. And she said that Jomari apparently wants to be the one to do her hair. But according to Francisca, her friend and partner will apparently play another role during her wedding. And just like Jomari, her colleagues from Despierta América, as she confirmed to us, they are also ready for the big day.

Francisca Lachapel has indeed found help on Amazon to better pinpoint the details of her wedding, but especially for the gift list. The Univision host has created her list with the help of Amazon and she has done everything from her own language, which is Spanish.

The advantage of working with Amazon for this special occasion is that Francisca obtains many benefits, and also makes life easier for her relatives when they want to have a little detail with her, from the comfort of their homes in the Dominican Republic. And it is that we remember, again, that the wedding will take place on her beautiful island. Made Francisca happy. But she also assures that during the wedding there will be details from Italy, because her husband is Italian-American.

Regarding gifts, we know that with Amazon if the bride and groom want to exchange a gift, they have 180 days to return it. Gift orders over $25 will get free shipping with Amazon Prime. They can also get free two-day shipping on unlimited products with Amazon Prime, with no minimum spend. And since not all the guests buy from the list, Francisca and Francesco will be able to obtain the little gifts that the guests do not buy or that are left pending with a 20% discount.

Amazon confirmed all this information to us, and told us that: “We can at the same time support our small Latino businesses available on Amazon by adding them to the registry.” Francisca told us that this was the address she looked for to start her wedding process with Amazon:

If you want to know more about Francisca Lachapel’s wedding dress, wait for our second and last installment. We are with Francisca heading to the altar.

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Francisca Lachapel’s wedding is approaching and we ask her if Jomari Goyso will be the one to do her hair