Francisca’s veil was torn and Jomari Goyso came to the rescue of the wedding with her tailoring skills

Jomari Goyso helped Francisca Lachapel with her wedding veil.

Jomari Goyso helped Francisca Lachapel with her wedding veil.

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It seems that the wedding of Francisca and Francesco Zampogna was a few minutes late and Jomari Goyso has revealed the reason. The fashion and beauty specialist showed through his Instagram account a video in which he appears sewing Francisca’s wedding veil, as it broke.

“The veil was released,” said Goyso in this video while in his hands he had thread, needle and veil. The Spaniard quickly sewed this fundamental piece of the wedding dress of the Dominican presenter of Despierta América.

Goyso sewed the veil to a clasp that must be adjusted in the hair to hold it. “THE EXCLUSIVE IS HERE!! Why didn’t the bride come out of her room and we were late? Because the veil was torn! and as my mother, who is a seamstress, taught me (although my holy father forbade it) and as I saw my grandmother who was a tailor! And they called her “LA ROSALÍA LA SASTRA” I took out my side of “tailor” “street style” and we solved any altercation that stood in the way of happiness on a magical day! Lol,” said the fashion and beauty specialist as she shared the video on his Instagram account.

The Francisca and Francesco Zampogna’s wedding took place this Friday, May 6, in Altos de Chavóna paradisiacal place located in the Dominican Republic, the bride’s homeland.

Through social networks, the guests at the celebration, the bride and even Despierta América did not lose details of what was this church wedding weekend and the couple’s followers were able to enjoy the wedding through these platforms.

One of the most emotional moments that was experienced in the ecclesiastical ceremony was when the bride and groom shared their first kiss after receiving God’s blessing. Amid the shouts and applause of the guests, the bride and groom sealed their love with a romantic kiss.

Other The moment that captivated social networks was the entrance of Gennaro, the couple’s young sonto the wedding. The baby entered a black electric cart, decorated with flowers, because he is still learning to walk.

“Gennaro arrived in an electric cart because he still doesn’t walk very well,” the Dominican host of Despierta América told People en Español exclusively.

At the party, the couple experienced another exciting moment by having their first dance after their church wedding. Francisca and Francesco Zampogna danced “Everything changed”from the Mexican group Camila, who were there performing the song live for the bride and groom.

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Francisca’s veil was torn and Jomari Goyso came to the rescue of the wedding with her tailoring skills