From Aaron Díaz to “El Canelo” Álvarez: they are the loves of Kate del Castillo

Kate del Castillo.

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Kate del Castillo She is one of the best known Mexican actresses in the world thanks to her projects in film and television, being “The Queen of the South” one of the most famous. Although the well-known actress has starred in some scandals that have divided public opinion about her person, it is true that her beauty and incomparable talent has made her steal the hearts of her audience.

However, the charm of the famous has not only had an effect among the public, but also in several gallants of the entertainment industry (and sports) who have also been attracted by it and with whom he ended up living his own love story. It is in commemoration of her 49th birthday that here we share with you some of Kate del Castillo’s great loves, and you… did you already know them all?

Luis Garcia

Wedding of Luis García and Kate del Castillo, February 03, 2001. / Courtesy / Mezcalent

Although currently the famous Kate remains “single and without commitments”, has already reached the altar twice, being the first with former soccer player and now TV Azteca commentator, Luis García.

The couple married in 2001 and only 3 years later they ended it without disclosing the causes. Nevertheless, in 2007 the actress decided to break the silence through a book, implying that he suffered from domestic violence.

Demián Bichir

Demián Bichir and Kate del Castillo / Courtesy / Mezcalent

After the failure of her first marriage, the protagonist of novels such as “Under the same skin” and “Dueños del Paraíso” decided to give love a new chance with fellow actor Demián Bichir, whom he met at the filming of the tape “American Visa”.

Despite being described at the time by the Oscar nominee as “the mother of his children, as my friend for life and as my companion forever,” the couple ended their relationship peacefully and without drama. via.

Aaron Diaz

Kate del Castillo and Aarón Díaz / Courtesy / Mezcalent

Being a hopeless romantic, Kate del Castillo found love again, but this time with Aarón Díaz. This relationship gave a lot to talk about due to the age difference, since the actor is 10 years her junior.

Nevertheless, this did not mean an impediment to reaching the altar in 2008 and live a love story for years to come. This came to an end in 2011 and the celebrities were on good terms, so they let the media know.

Kuno becker

Kuno Becker and Kate del Castillo / Courtesy / Mezcalent

Although Don Eric del Castillo’s daughter was romantically related to several gallants after her separation from Díaz, in May 2014 a possible romance between her and Kuno Becker was uncovered after a medium caught them kissing effusively.

Despite the images, neither Kate nor Kuno wanted to share details about their alleged relationship, although the famous one once noted: “I have never talked about my private life, I really don’t want to talk about it, but what is seen is not judged“.

Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez

One of the most recent “romances” that has been known about Kate del Castillo is the one she had with the famous boxer Saúl “El Canelo” Álvarez, since During an interview with Marco Antonio Regil and Héctor Sandarti for “Nuevo Día”, the actress herself confirmed it.

According to what was narrated by the famous woman who turns 49 this October 23, this event occurred in April 2019 and although everything was smooth sailing between them, they realized that they connected better as friends, so they “left it alone.”

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From Aaron Díaz to “El Canelo” Álvarez: they are the loves of Kate del Castillo