From Brandon Lee’s death to Vin Diesel’s double coma: accidents during filming

Actor Brandon Lee, in a moment of ‘The Raven’.PROMOTION PHOTO

The accident in which Alec Baldwin was involved this Thursday in the filming of the independent West movie Rust It is not an isolated case. After 42-year-old director of photography Halyna Hutchins died after being shot by the actor With a prop gun, which was allegedly loaded with blank cartridges, misfortunes once again call into question safety in the film industry.

The most notorious case is that of Brandon Lee, who died in 1993, aged 28, during the filming of The Raven. When there were three days of production left on the film, the actor shot the first scene of the film, in which his character, Eric Draven, entered his apartment and found some thugs raping his girlfriend and was shot by the leader of the gang. When the director yelled “cut,” Lee didn’t get up. The interpreter died 12 hours later from internal bleeding. The investigation concluded that so many people had committed negligence in that filming that it was impossible to pinpoint a culprit and the production company was fined 700,000 euros.

Stuntman John Bernecker passed away at the age of 33 while filming the eighth season of The walking dead in what seemed like an amateur fall. According to the testimony of an assistant director to the police, Bernecker fell from almost twenty feet off the mat that awaited him. He tried to grab the balcony and ended up on the ground, a few inches from the mat, despite being an easy fall, according to experts, for a professional like him, whose career included films such as The Hunger Games or Logan.

In 2017, it was Tom Cruise get injured in Mission Impossible 6, during the execution of a risk scene. The actor had planned to jump from a scaffold to a building in front of him, but failed to land in the right place and hit the wall. Despite the hard blow, he managed to get up on his own.

The filming of another of his films, Top gunIn 1985, he was also marked by a fatal accident. Stunt pilot Art Scholl was hired to do in-flight camera work for the film. The script envisaged a complex turn, but Scholl was unable to regain altitude and crashed with his biplane in the Pacific, off the coast of Southern California.

Also in 2017, specialist Joi Harris died at crashing the motorcycle while recording Deadpool 2 in Vancouver, in a scene from the movie starring actor Ryan Reynolds. The victim lost control of the motorcycle and crashed into the moon on the ground floor of a building, despite the fact that, according to Canadian media, he had successfully carried out the scene on four previous occasions.

Actor Vin Diesel’s stuntman, Joe Watts, ended up in an induced coma in 2019 while filming Fast & furious 9 after a 30-foot drop. The British specialist, who has worked on productions such as Kingsman, Spiderman, Game of Thrones, Mission Impossible and Jurassic world, suffered a severe blow to the head.

Three people, actor Vic Morris and his two sons, died during the filming of the movie On the edge of reality, in which a helicopter crashed in 1986. Filmmaker John Landis, then 32, was charged with manslaughter. The prosecutor maintained that, in trying to achieve realism at any cost, he ignored advice given him about using dolls instead of babies in a war scene in Vietnam.

In Spain, a stunt actor died in 2000 while filming a mock suicide for the comedy Canicula, when throwing himself into the void from a bridge, in Madrid. The specialist launched himself subject to a harness hooked to a rope tied to the bridge, but the safety system failed and the specialist crashed against the asphalt.

Also in Madrid, the actor Javier Albalá was seriously injured in 2001 when accidentally sticking a knife while shooting a movie in the city center. The interpreter, protagonist of the series Lawyers and Raquel looks for your site, participated in the filming of a violent scene of the feature film Syndrome, under the direction of Liberto Rabal. The Municipal Police maintained that the filming lacked the necessary permits.

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From Brandon Lee’s death to Vin Diesel’s double coma: accidents during filming