From “El Loco” Valdés to Omar Fierro: these were the great loves of Verónica Castro

Actress and singer Veronica Castro has an artistic career that has been able to maintain for several decadesBecause thanks to her charisma and beauty she has stolen the hearts of the public. From his vast appearances in melodramas, movies and series, to massive concerts and television shows, the result is always the same: imminent success.

On a day like today, but in 1952, one of the most popular figures of the telenovela genre was born internationally and one of the most beautiful faces of his time, thus managing to steal the hearts not only of the public, but of various gallants. with whom he ended up living his own love story. For this reason, here we share some of the great loves of Verónica Castro, and you … did you already know them all?

Manuel “El Loco” Valdés

One of the best known men in the life of Verónica Castro was also the actor Manuel “El Loco” Valdés, as it was at his side where he procreated his only son, the singer Cristian Castro.

According to the details that have been revealed over the years, the 2 actors fell madly in love when she was 21 and he 42 in 1973 while they were working together in the play “Don Juan Tenorio.” Although the relationship did not last long after the actress found out that “El Loco” Valdés was not only married to Yolanda Peña, but also had a second home.

At 22 years old and being a student of International Relations at UNAM, Castro had his son with the actor without the world of entertainment finding out who the father was. Everything would be known when the interpreter of “Azul” turned 5 years old.

Víctor Yturbe “El Pirulí”

After her love “disappointment” with Valdés, Verónica Castro had other short but important romances. Such was the case of the one that began with Victor “El Piruli” Yturbe, and although neither of them confirmed or denied it, it is said that the greatest proof of this was the song that the singer composed during that time. Her name was “Verónica” and she soon became the most successful in her repertoire.

Enrique Niembro

It would be in 1979 that the actress and singer returned to give herself a chance in love, this time with the businessman Enrique Niembro. Although at first everything was honey on flakes and the famous woman thought that he was the right man, history repeated itself and again she found out that Niembro was married and had several children:

He was a winemaker who had nothing to do with the artistic environment. I thought that this time I was right and I got pregnant again, but it did not turn out what I expected, because again I was a married man and had several children with other women.He revealed.

According to Verónica Castro’s account, she found out about this fact when she was about to marry him and when she was already pregnant with her second child, Michel.

Omar Fierro

Another of the gallants who stole the heart of the famous, was the actor Omar Fierro, with whom it is known that maintained a long relationship after meeting in the recordings of “My Little Solitude”, melodrama that they starred in.

However, after 3 years of a romance that seemed “perfect”, Castro realized that things were not like this: “I had a relationship with Omar for almost 3 years. He was starting his acting career and I helped him, so I did not choose him for being rich or successful. One day I caught him that he was cheating on me ”, he revealed.

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From “El Loco” Valdés to Omar Fierro: these were the great loves of Verónica Castro