From Julio José’s jokes to Tamara Falcó as a reporter, Isabel Preyser’s family parties in Miami

Routines Isabel preysler and her three oldest children grow thousands of miles away, but Christmas has allowed them to get together again to enjoy some unforgettable days together that last year they could not have due to the health crisis. The family meeting point has been Chábeli Iglesias’ house in Miami, where they have celebrated these parties between reunions, jokes and expressions of affection that Tamara Falcó wanted to immortalize. The Marchioness of Griñón has served as an improvised reporter and has recorded one of the funniest moments of the evening: the arrival of Julio Iglesias Jr at the residence of his older sister and the funny reception of the rest of his loved ones. “That’s how we spent it,” said the aristocrat.

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The singer, for whom are the first parties after your separation from Charisse verhaert, has entered the residence hall showing off his energy and his sense of humor. The person in charge of receiving him was his niece Sofía, who grabbed his arm and responded energetically “yes, yes, yes” when his uncle asked in English “is everyone free of covid?”. A few steps later, he has merged into a loving hug with Fernando Verdasco, who until now was sharing a relaxed chat with Ana Boyer and his cousin Álvaro Castillejo, who has had to postpone his wedding due to the health crisis.

While these greetings have been produced, and with Christmas carols playing in the background, Isabel Preysler has entered the hall to enjoy these unique moments surrounded by the people she loves the most. For her the family is her great gift and she considers that her seven grandchildren are the best surprise that life had in store for her. “You cannot imagine the great love you feel for grandchildren until you have them. I am happy with all of them.”He said in the pages of our magazine last February on the occasion of his 70th birthday.

In the living room we have seen Mario Vargas Llosa sitting, possibly with other members of the family, with whom he maintains an excellent relationship. Meanwhile, little Miguel seemed oblivious to the arrival of his uncles and cousins ​​since he was very concentrated painting on the floor on a blackboard. In this way, a night of traditions has begun in which they have also received a visit from a good friend from the North Pole: Santa Claus. Under an impressive tree with decorations made by Chábeli’s children and bought as souvenirs on trips, different packages with gifts for Isabel Preysler and all her loved ones.

For the eldest daughter of Julio Iglesias and Isabel Preysler, being a hostess is exciting. As she herself explained just a year ago in the ¡HOLA! Magazine, Christmas is a magical moment. “I have always celebrated it because it is one of the parties that I like the most, especially, getting together with the family and seeing my children enjoy themselves. These days give me a feeling of peace and joy,” he said. Although this time they live the festivities with a certain nostalgia since They are the first to go without their grandmother, Beatriz Arrastia, his memory is very present and the joy of the smallest of the house floods every corner. In fact, another reason they have to toast is the recent birthday of little Mateo Verdasco, who has just turned his first year.

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From Julio José’s jokes to Tamara Falcó as a reporter, Isabel Preyser’s family parties in Miami