From Kate’s 40 years to Letizia’s 50 and Diana’s 25 to death: Agenda Royal 2022

Who more and who less already has a dietary 2022 in which to write down all the important dates that each of us will have: the birthday of a relative, the wedding anniversary of some friends, a medical appointment … techies‘they will be doing the same but in their Google calendar, to have everything in the palm of our mobile.

Whether you are the first or the second, we have prepared an agenda in which we collect all the royal birthdays and anniversaries that are going to be celebrated in this newly opened 2022. Well, not all of them, only those that form a round number: 10, 20, 25, 50, 70 … And although we thought there would be a good handful, we did not imagine that there would be so many, so we have decided to organize them by stations to make it easier .

Of course, the festivities to celebrate such important dates are conditioned by the development of the pandemic that continues to mark the order of our lives.

Winter 2022

The year starts strong with a lot of relevant appointments, some of them will also leave us good stories. For example, the 40 years that Kate Middlenton celebrates on January 9. In a week the duchess of cambridge She will be blowing candles months before her husband does, who also reaches quarantine in 2022 (he will have to wait until summer). We will be waiting to see if their brothers-in-law, dukes of sussex, send your congratulations. The last time Kate had something big to celebrate (last April marked the tenth anniversary of their wedding), Harry and Meghan sent their congratulations privately to avoid further stir, according to the program ‘Entertainment Tonight Canada’. The rest of the family (Carlos Camilla, Isabel II …) did so on their social networks.

Throughout the winter we will also attend the celebration of the Golden Jubilee of the Margaret II of Denmark who turns 50 years of reign, the 60th birthday of Abdullah II of Jordan or the 70s of the arrival to the throne of the longest-lived queen of the recent monarchies, Isabel II, hot on the heels of Louis XIV who accumulated 72 years and 110 days of reign.

January 9: Kate Middleton will celebrate her 40th birthday.

Kate Middleton. (Getty)

January 14: Queen Margaret II of Denmark will celebrate her Golden Jubilee in 2022.

The Queen of Denmark, Margaret II. (Getty)

January 21: Princess Ingrid-Alexandra of Norway will turn 18.

Princess Ingrid Alexandra. (EFE EPA / Beate Oma)

January 24: Princess Athena of Denmark will turn 10.

Joaquín and Marie from Denmark with their children. In the center, Athena. (Royal House of Denmark)

January 30: King Abdullah II of Jordan will turn 60.

Abdullah and Rania of Jordan. (EFE)

February 2: Queen Máxima and King William of the Netherlands will celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary.

The kings Máxima and Guillermo de Holanda. (Getty)

February 5: Princess Mary of Denmark will turn 50.

Mary from Denmark. (EPA / Mads Claus Rasmussen)

February 6: It marks 70 years of the accession to the British throne of Elizabeth II.

Elizabeth II, in a file image. (Getty)

February 23: Princess Estelle of Sweden will turn 10 years old.

Estelle from Sweden during the National Day. (Getty)

Spring 2022

As Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer said: “As long as there is spring in the world, there will be poetry!” The most flowery and poetic time of the year begins with a birthday with a children’s menu: Isla Phillips, the great-granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, turns 10 on March 29. Isla is the second daughter (the other is Savannah) from Peter phillips and Canadian Autumn Kelly.

There are a couple more birthdays that we review below, but the one that may interest us the most, for all that it entails, is the 60th Wedding Anniversary of the kings don Juan Carlos and doña Sofía. The ceremony was held on May 14 in Athens and featured 8 selected bridesmaids by the queen emerita among close relatives, as is the case of the Infanta Pilar and the Princess Irene of Greece, as well as distant cousins, such as Alexandra de Kent or Tatiana Radziwill, to be part of the wedding party. There were two ceremonies, one for the Catholic rite and the other for the Orthodox rite, which served to unite two royal houses, one reigning at that time and another not, although later the tables would turn. The celebration took place in the old Royal Palace of Athens where the guests gathered, among whom there were no less than 143 from 27 monarchies of the world.

March 29: Queen Elizabeth II’s great-granddaughter Isla Phillips will turn 10 years old.

Isla, with her sister and her parents. (Max Mumby / Indigo / Getty)

April 16: Prince Sebastian of Luxembourg will celebrate his 30th birthday.

Sebastián, Félix and Louis from Luxembourg. (Getty)

May 14: It is 60 years since the wedding of the kings Juan Carlos and Sofía.

The wedding of Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofía. (Real home)

June 5: Princess Astrid of Belgium will turn 60.

Princess Astrid of Belgium. (EFE / Christophe Petit)

June 10: Princess Magdalena of Sweden will turn 40.

Photo: Anders Wiklund / TT code 10040

Summer 2022

The other half of the most praised and loved royal couple (in the UK they see it feasible that they were the ones to occupy the throne instead of Carlos and Camilla to succeed Queen Elizabeth) is also forty. William He does it months after his wife has met them and we will see if there is a rivalry to celebrate both treats.

We will have to wait until the end of the summer for us to see how the Queen Letizia celebrates his 50. The last time that a round figure was produced (40), the Royal House commemorated it with a photographic report signed by Cristina García Rodero, National Prize for Photography and Medal in Fine Arts. The snapshots, taken in the month of August, showed the, at that time, Princess of Asturias next to the prince philip and the infantas Leonor and Sofia in everyday prints never seen before. He also becomes aware of Letizia’s photogenicity through a series of portraits in which she appears with different models. The photographic report, inserted in the Casa Real website, was accompanied by a text that summarized the princess’s commitment to her institutional position, her travels and her numerous social commitments.

June 21: Prince William will celebrate his 40th birthday

Prince William, in a file image. (EFE)

July 20: Prince Felix of Denmark turns 20.

Felix and Nicolas of Denmark (Steen Brogaard / Royal House)

August 31: It is 25 years since the death of Princess Diana.

Princess Diana. (Getty)

September 15: Queen Letizia celebrates her 50th birthday.

Queen Letizia, in a file image. (Getty / Pablo Cuadra)

Fall / Winter 2022

The year ends with two wedding anniversaries: Stéphanie and William of Luxembourg will celebrate their 10 years of marriage (the ceremony was held on October 20, 2012) the princess Ana and Timothy Laurence will celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary (hers took place on December 12th 1992).

Stéphanie and Guillermo de Luxembourg. (Getty)
Anne of England and Timothy Laurence (Gtres)

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From Kate’s 40 years to Letizia’s 50 and Diana’s 25 to death: Agenda Royal 2022