From the beach to the snow: the radical change of Ana Boyer and her family ‘in less than 24 hours!’

To be in a swimsuit sunbathing in the sea or pool with a temperature not lower than 20 degrees, at put on warm clothes to protect your body well from the cold in full mountain. A radical change that, in addition, is even more noticeable if it is made in a short space of time. This is what they have experienced Ana Boyer and her family, as Isabel Preysler’s daughter revealed yesterday through two images that are very enlightening and descriptive. “This week we went from photo 1 to photo 2 in less than 24 hours!”, tells and exclaims Fernando Verdasco’s wife. “What do you like more, beach or snow?”, He adds to put on the table this classic question about which option is preferred when traveling. In both snapshots, the influencer appear with her little Miguel, who is two and a half years old, to show the contrast that involves moving from one stage to another. This is, from the heat with some palm trees background to a white blanket with a fir tree in the landscape that reminds us how close we are to Christmas.

What a petty thief! Fernando Verdasco melts with the funny gesture of his little Mateo

Two antagonistic situations but just as enjoyable, especially if -as in this case- you live them in the company of those you love the most. This time, Ana Boyer and hers they have traveled to Italy, specifically to the area of Dolomites in the tourist alpine town of Ortisei, where the tennis player plays the Sparkassen ATP Challenger which is played there on indoor fast tracks. A beautiful and picturesque place with impressive views that is located in the Gardena valley and where wood crafts are traditional, particularly sculpture, as we see in the last image that the influencer has shared with his offspring. It should be remembered that Ana Boyer and her husband moved to Tenerife in the Canary Islands at the beginning of the month for the tournament the athlete was part of. There, the couple met their good friends Sandra Gago and Feliciano López, with want shared plans.

Ana Boyer, proud of Fernando Verdasco’s new career path


“Enjoying this wonder in the best company”, the model wrote along with several stamps in which he appeared with his colleague. Very smiling, they looked at each other in a conspiratorial attitude while wearing looks comfortable and light typical of good weather on the lucky islands, with the classic sports caps on their heads. Regarding the two marriages, we could see them too tasting delicious dishes restaurant, judging by the sequences they published for their followers. In addition, Ana and Sandra were able to put on the bikini and recognize “lucky to start November like this”said the first under an umbrella and on a relaxing deck chair. She also shared some of the moments where she was with her husband, such as when they were immortalized happy and in love inside an elevator looking in the mirror.

Ana Boyer gives all the prominence to Mateo in their last photo together

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From the beach to the snow: the radical change of Ana Boyer and her family ‘in less than 24 hours!’