From the hospital, Livia Brito is captured and worries her fans

Is she in poor health? Many began to question what was happening with the beautiful Livia Brito after they arose in social networks images in which the Cuban could be observed from a hospital.

In the short recording you could see Livia Brito lying in a hospital bed in a gown with three other people in the room, two of them wearing masks; but fortunately, it was all about the recording of one of the scenes of the soap opera Woman of Nobody.

The most observant immediately realized that the protagonist of La Piloto was in recording, because the two people who wore face masks were giving her and her partner instructions about the scene, a camera could also be seen to film the performance of these Famous.

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It was Livia Brito herself who shared the images and indicated that they corresponded to Friday, so this beautiful woman had a call last Friday and ended the week as hard-working.

For a few weeks there has been talk about Nobody’s Woman, there are even those who say they have been impressed with the images that have been previewed and are anxious for the premiere of the new telenovela starring Livia Brito.

Despite the problems that the famous has had, this from the confrontation with a paparazzi, the work for this beautiful woman has not stopped and continues to clarify what happened that day.

Many greatly criticized producer Juan Osorio for having the Cuban as the protagonist of his previous telenovela, to which he replied that he does not rely on gossip to make such decisions, even with everything that was said, the melodrama next door by José Ron was a complete success.

Livia Brito he tends to consent quite a bit to his followers on social networks by frequently sharing content; She has even become a Tik Toker and even YouTuber, aspects that have surprised many.

This beautiful woman has become an example of many that to preserve her beauty it is important to have a healthy diet, this added to a fairly heavy and frequent training.

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From the hospital, Livia Brito is captured and worries her fans