Gabriel Coronel and Daniela Ospina are boyfriends: this is how their love story began

Gabriel Coronel and Daniela Ospina confirmed their courtship After several months of having given signs on social networks that they were starting a romance. The couple chose the month of love to reveal details of how their love arose.

The Venezuelan singer and the Colombian businesswoman told People en Español in an interview that it was a mutual friend who put them in contact and that since they began to treat each other they felt a natural connection.

The connection arose in social networks

Before meeting in person, Ospina and Coronel began to talk via messages in October and after three weeks they agreed that it was time to see each other and check if the chemistry between them was as good as in their long conversations and phone calls.

“‘It’s not possible that we haven’t seen each other. We’ve been talking for three weeks.’ Then we met at one in the morning, she was sharing with some friends,” Coronel recalled. “Imagine, I was the new one, they analyzed me from top to bottom, but everything went very well. Luckily there were a few drinks and that helped me relax, “the actor also shared with a laugh.

Ospina also doesn’t forget what the crush was like and what she felt when she saw “the human being with whom she spoke every day”: “I was quite nervous, but it was something i wanted to happen. He was the person who kept me up all night, there came a time when I told him: ‘Hey, Gabi, you need to talk to me earlier because I stay awake until three in the morning like when I was 15 years old and I’m not very good at it anymore.'”

The couple pointed out that, in these times when immediacy stands out, they decided to take time to get to know each other and discovered that their personalities and way of thinking fit together. ” We have much alike in the perception of seeing life and well, I thought it was very nice to talk so much and then give us the opportunity to get to know each other and continue sharing,” said Gabriel Coronel.

The qualities that struck them

The businesswoman who was the wife of Colombian soccer player James Rodríguez did not skimp on talking about the qualities that her new boyfriend has and highlighted that what he fell in love with her genuine and transparent personality.

“I fall short when talking about all the qualities that Gabi has […] He is a very transparent man, honest until the time he goes to bed, he always has a smile and a pretty nice way of seeing life. It has helped me a lot as a woman and a person and I value that very much,” added Daniela Ospina.

Gabriel was not far behind in praise and mentioned that she is “that figure of a person who helps motivate you to be better, who leads you to motivate yourself with more enthusiasm in life.”

“Daniela is a very complete woman in every way. I said ‘ from here I am‘. When you feel the need to sow seed and see a familiar fruit next to a person, well… “, commented the singer, who has already thought about reaching the altar with his new partner.

“I’ll tell you, my plan was to go to Mexico again, but they tied me up here (to miami). I’m very happy, I shouldn’t say it, but I see a life with Danielaso the next plan will be to send you the invitation to our wedding“, he added.

Gabriel also admires Daniela in her role as Salomé’s mother. It was Ospina herself who pointed out that her daughter already lives with her boyfriend and that “a very nice relationship” has been born between them.

“Gabriel, he is a very genuine man, very playful, so it is not difficult to connect with such a beautiful person and who gives so much all the time. Thank God it is a blessing, Gabi has been there for what we both have needed“, he pointed.

As for what they enjoy as a couple, they pointed out that the kitchen unites them, since Gabriel likes to cook and Daniela likes to be pampered with exquisite dishes. Amos describe themselves as homebodies, although they occasionally plan outings with friends.

The romantic holidays in Italy

At the time that People en Español published the interview with which they made their courtship public, They are walking around Italy. On Instagram, Gabriel Coronel shared some videos about his vacation in Europe, where he tags Ospina and where his face briefly appears.

The couple had been limited to showing how much in love they are to ensure that the relationship was ‘smoothing’, and now that they are sure they shout their love from the rooftops.


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Gabriel Coronel and Daniela Ospina are boyfriends: this is how their love story began