Gabriel Soto says that a rift with his father led him to become a model

Gabriel Soto He spoke about the beginnings of his artistic career, emphasizing that, far from having dreamed of dedicating himself to television, he was a family episode that led him first to modeling and then to acting.

The protagonist of the soap opera Single with Daughters told in a recent interview on the program ‘Montse & Joe’ that an “estrangement” with his fatherFrancisco Soto-Borja, of whom he is the only son, led him to take his first steps in the world of entertainment.

“I started out as a model and really they were chances of fate that led me to what I am today,” said the well-known soap opera heartthrob.

A falling out with his father led him to show business.

Gabriel Soto, 46, reported that in adolescence he had a confrontation with his father in which he withdrew all financial support, except for the payment of the university studies that he had already begun.

“I was studying a career, I started studying economics… And suddenly I have a rift with my dad, let’s put it that way, then my dad tells me: ‘You’re about to turn 18, do as you canthe only thing I’m going to pay for is school,’ and I said, ‘Now what do I do?'” he recalled.

Seeing himself in financial trouble, he looked for a way to pay his expenses, that is how he began to perform as a model. “He had a girlfriend that her sister modeled and took me to the modeling agency“, he said. “Now to pay my rent, pay for my clothes and everything that my father did not pay me because I tell you that we had a distance, well I started modeling and it started to go very well for me“.


From modeling to music and then to acting

Geraldine Bazán’s ex-husband was making his way on the catwalks and in important advertising campaigns, until Lupita Jones chose him for participate in Mr Worldcontest in which he became a semifinalist.

His first approach to fame was as singer of the group Kairo‘band boy’ to which he belonged for five years and that would lead him to soap operas.

“Paul (Fornat) told Toño (his cousin): ‘Hey, Eduardo Verástegui is leaving -who had a lot of image in the group at the time- we need someone who really comes to replace Eduardo’s image and I came from Mr. Mundo, well I fell softly, “he added. “Later, we sang the theme of a soap opera called ‘ My dear Isabel’ (1997) […] And I ended up as an actor“.

After discovering his taste for the performing arts, Irina Baeva’s fiancé decided to drop his economics degree to fully embark on his current profession.

“People told me: ‘Why don’t you join the CEA (Televisa Center for Artistic Education)?’ I spoke with Lupita Jones, who was very close to her and spoke with Mr. (Eugenio) Cobo and He televised the CEA to study acting, at that moment I decided to leave my economics degree because I couldn’t handle both anymore, I stayed in sixth semester“.

Gabriel Soto matured when he left home

Gabriel Soto revealed that the estrangement from his father lasted a couple of years and the lesson he wanted to teach him also encouraged him to live new experiences in which he discovered his passion for television.

“About two years passed… Since I was a child, he always demanded a lot of me at an academic level… He always demanded a lot of me and today I appreciate it,” he acknowledged. “I think that one of the most difficult things that a human being can have and that can lead to success is self-discipline, it’s a key word,” she reflected.

Throughout his career he has also seen mired in controversyHowever, it is his professionalism and talent that keep him in leading roles in soap operas and winning awards for his work.

The Mexican actor has also experienced the facet of father with his daughters Alexa Miranda and Elissa Mariethe latter is already following in his footsteps in acting, recently participated in the melodrama Si Nos Dejan.


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Gabriel Soto says that a rift with his father led him to become a model