Gabriela Spanic has a “smaller” waist after cosmetic surgery, says plastic surgeon

Actress Gabriela Spanic underwent cosmetic surgery due to the weight she lost after her participation in the show “Dancing With The Stars,” in which she appeared last year.

The surgical process he underwent in mid-December was at the hands of Dr. Luis Gil, known for being the surgeon of celebrities since he has collaborated with the Nodal family, actress Scarlet Ortiz, among other celebrities.

Dr. Luis Atilio Gil Pérez commented in an interview for El Universal that Gaby had a progressive loss of weight, which made her abdomen, back and legs were quite flabby. The sagging was then corrected with high definition liposuction. What caused his skin to contract, in addition some cuts were made in the body that allowed to stretch the skin of the legs and abdomen so that they were more taut.

It was all done in a single surgical effort. The cosmetic surgery expert assured that the results were very beautiful.

On the other hand, he expressed that the protagonist of the telenovela “La usurpadora” was still in recovery not only physically, but also mentally since surgery is a process in which a lot of blood is seen. In addition, he anticipated how the actress looks after surgery.

“The results of the operation can already be seen, but she is not mentally at her best. It is a process in which the patient must be locked up, he has to go to the spa, you see a lot of blood, hoses, cuts, among other things. When a few months pass she will be able to show herself to the world, it will be until the premiere of her telenovela arrives in February. You can now show the results of the curves: the waist was smaller, the abdomen was more stretched and the legs were smoother. You will have a more noticeable improvement. We try to have results based on aesthetics. Everything is very according to his figure, “said the Venezuelan surgeon for El Universal.

Meanwhile, Gaby’s operation was a success and the results according to the doctor will be able to be seen completely and naturally in two or three months. In what happens, the singer will also have to follow a diet high in iron and protein and will not be able to exercise for three months.

For now, he is undergoing postoperative treatment consisting of massages in the doctor’s spa, in which the expert pointed out is very necessary to avoid fibrosis or some other irregularity.

“It is not only to have the operation and I already looked beautiful. It is to continue with the postoperative treatment in the spa that brings out the patient with more attractive results and that what the surgeon did looks better. It prevents us from seeing these skin disorders: that it looks purple, that it looks inflamed, that accumulated fluid and more irregularities appear; all of this is controlled by the spa. We have only these first few months to counter. Spanic has taken as much as possible, such as 20 or 30 massages, so that in one or two months after the inflammation ends, she will look better, even more than she already looks today ”, confirmed the cosmetic surgery expert.

The plastic surgeon also commented that in March of last year Gabriela would undergo this operation, but because she was infected with COVID-19, nothing could be done. The only thing they could do was some corrections to the face with botox and fillers, something that changed the actress’s face for the better.

“We corrected some irregularities and imperfections on her face with botox and filler. When Gaby showed her face again, a very drastic change was noticed and it was without surgery. We fixed the aftermath that she had on her face from some other people who maybe weren’t even doctors and wanted to use her just as an image. We were able to counteract all that. He currently looks very much in line with his age, he looks very good, very jovial ”, explained the doctor.

So far, Spanic’s surgery is one hundred percent completed and he does not need to return to the operating room in a short time and he has no intention of having any other “fix”, but until a few years from now that he returns for the change of breast implants. .

The actress is currently resting awaiting the premiere of her next telenovela, “Corazón guerrero.”

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Gabriela Spanic has a “smaller” waist after cosmetic surgery, says plastic surgeon