Gaby Platas clarified why her marriage to Poncho Vera ended: “Don’t go nailing yourself”

(Photo: @ponchovpof, @gabyplatas/Instagram)
(Photo: @ponchovpof, @gabyplatas/Instagram)

Gabriela Platas He opened up about why he ended his marriage to Alfonso Vera after about four years together. Donkey Van Rankin He commented that he came to warn the couple about the incompatibility that he had detected between the two thanks to the fact that he was his friend, but they did not care, they started a relationship and got married some time later.

The member of the new season of I fall over laughing attended as a special guest members on airprogram hosted by Raul Araiza, Paul Stanley, Jose Eduardo Derbez, and Jorge Donkey Van Rankin. During her talk, the 47-year-old actress recounted some experiences that she has lived with the presenters, with whom she has formed a bond of friendship throughout her career because they have coincided in projects.

After Gaby Platas and the Black Araiza recalled that when they were around 20 years old they used to make jokes about horrors while they were on tour for a play, Jorge Van Rankin asked his friend to tell about the experience they lived several years ago, when one of his friends joined their meeting suspected of being intoxicated.

The driver admitted that it was the "Cupid" among his friends, but now he regrets doing it (Photo: screenshot/YouTube)
The driver acknowledged that he was the “cupid” among his friends, but currently regrets having done so (Photo: screenshot/YouTube)

“I am one day in an Argentine restaurant in Mexico City with Karla AlvarezMay she rest in peace, she was my girlfriend and with Miss Platas. A pedot**s speaks to me: ‘What’s up, Donkey. where are you?‘” recalled the former host of Today. His friend was Alfonso Vera, who, knowing that he was accompanied by an actress from so from the precipice decided to appear on the spot.

As soon as the television presenter arrived, Van Rankin introduced his friends and from that moment they began to hang out until some time later they began a relationship that transcended marriage, but that ultimately did not work out. After what happened, the Donkey He mentioned that the romance started because of him: “Big mistake of mine… they get married”.

The actress who was also part of Another roll He added that during the time he had his affair with Poncho Vera, Van Rankin warned him that there was a certain incompatibility between the two: “You always told me: ‘Not you and Poncho, Platas‘”.

On social networks, Poncho Vera shares photos and videos with his family (Photo: Instagram / @ponchovpof)
On social networks, Poncho Vera shares photos and videos with his family (Photo: Instagram / @ponchovpof)

In fact, the driver members on air He reaffirmed that after presenting them, he commented on his opinion regarding a possible courtship: “I brought him and from the beginning I told you ‘don’t get nailed’ because Poncho is all mad*e, so are you, but that’s beside the point“, said.

Gaby Platas and Alfonso Vera were married between 2012 and 2016, currently each has another partner with whom they maintain stable relationships. the actress of What happens to my family? He recalled that his marriage with the driver did not work because they have very different personalities that did not complement each other as expected.

“We got married and then we divorced […] Poncho is a very nice person, very good, very noble and I don’t. Poncho is like ethereal and so, I’m more of the bitch, ”she mentioned with a laugh.

On February 14, Gaby Platas invited her boyfriend to "I fall over laughing"Photo: Courtesy
On February 14, Gaby Platas invited her boyfriend to “I Fall Laughing” Photo: Courtesy

Gaby Platas did not want to delve into the subject, but she recounted a fun experience she had with Yordi Rosado, who was also on the show. According to his account, during a visit they made to Guadalajara as part of Another roll They had to share a room with their other classmates and when he was asleep, they played a practical joke on him.

“We were awake, tired and you fell asleep immediately, then we all went to fart in your face. I mean, I did it ‘let’s see whose ped * wakes up, let’s see who has the stinkiest’ and he didn’t wake up”, he said, unleashing laughter from everyone. “I did not remember about that […] we got along very badass,” added Rosado.


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Gaby Platas clarified why her marriage to Poncho Vera ended: “Don’t go nailing yourself”