Gael’s brother and his hell with addictions; his father’s widow makes sad revelations

After smoothing out rough edges with Jose Emilio Garcia youngest son of Jose Angel Garcia, Bella de la Vega did not know anything about him until last week, when the young man published a shocking text on his social networks detailing the hell he lived throughout December inside a rehabilitation center where he was “due to depression, substance use and alcohol”. “They wanted to rape me several times, there were drug traffickers (…) and a guy… of things well cu… I don’t understand how I could endure so many insults, blows and humiliations in that place.” Likewise, he reveals that his mother, Carla Ríos, is in a psychiatric hospital. In this regard, the director’s widow, who lived with the young man for three years, told us about his experience and revealed the difficult situations they faced with him. She was sorry that things had gotten worse, and if her husband were still alive, he would be immensely sad.

What do you think of the publication that José Emilio made? He had denied that he used drugs… Yes, I mentioned it, but they took it the wrong way. He denied it, but at the same time he admitted it; he said: “Bella is a liar”, but he admitted that he used cannabis and some substances. Anyway, he no longer wanted to get into that roll. Then they said they were going to sue me, and that’s how things stayed; everyone will know his life. I just said what I thought. I am quite moved by the situation, because his dad would be very sad if he saw this.

Especially because he shared very delicate things, that he had a very bad time… Yes, but it is not only that he denounces that they mistreated him and that they made him suffer; obviously rehabilitation centers are not a bed of roses, the point is: why was he there? Why did they put it in? Obviously I, who lived with him, know it; In fact, his father left very sad because he saw that José Emilio did not do what a son should do, which is to study, work and be productive, José Ángel saw that this was not happening and he was very sad, he left this world worried, and now things seem to have gone from bad to worse.

At what stage did José Emilio live with you? From 2017 to 2019, it was three years and I got to know him quite well, I know exactly what he was doing during the time he was with us in the department. Afterwards, José Ángel and I lived alone in my house in Naucalpan.

How was it? In what situations did you get to see it? I won’t say anything about that because of the threat they made to sue me; To tell the truth, I can get into trouble, but I can say that José Emilio had a very difficult relationship with his father. José Ángel was always worried about him, he told him: “Do this”, “I’ll register you in such a place so that you can do something”, but everything was just good wishes, because there was no commitment on José Emilio’s part to do the things. things.

What was the trigger for him to stop living with you? José Emilio still did not work or study, and José Ángel was desperate, he said: “How do I get my son to start doing something?”, and he thought that the best thing was that the three of us stopped being together in the same apartment . He went to live with me so that he, who was already a young man of 21 years, could teach himself to be independent. But he went back to live with his mother, and as far as I stayed, he still didn’t work or study.

How was José Emilio’s relationship with his mother? On several occasions she called the house and told her father that she was ill and that they had problems. I stayed out of it.

During the time you lived with him, did you notice that he was depressed or something similar? It is a delicate question; José Ángel told me that José Emilio’s mother suffered from bipolar disorder, and apparently he could have inherited it, something that he never verified because she did not do studies for it, but my husband sensed it.

In fact, in his message José Emilio stated that his mother was in a psychiatric hospital… That has been from the beginning. José Ángel was married to that lady for 20 years, and since then she has been in those places. My husband told me that it was a tortuous relationship, until he couldn’t take it anymore and separated. Then he met me.

Is Gael aware of his brother’s problems? He is aware of everything because his father used to tell him about things, from the problems he had in his previous marriage with José Emilio’s mother. I imagine it was sad for him to find out that his dad was going through bad things, and I think that’s why Gael has stayed very aloof.

How do you get along with José Emilio? As Gael is his half brother and José Emilio’s mother was not really good with José Ángel, they were not so close.

Did you meet José Emilio’s mother? Yes, quite well, during the lawsuits he filed against José Ángel, which were quite ugly; There was even a criminal case in which my husband was almost put in jail because he was not paying an alleged alimony that she had requested.

For Jose Emilio? No, for her! I think the judge had ordered a provisional pension, but José Ángel did not have the money to pay it; In fact, I had to accompany him to the Public Ministry to show that he was very ill. He arrived with his oxygen tank, unable to breathe; even at that time the pandemic was beginning, because it was at the beginning of 2020.

Until 2020, did the lady continue to sue him? Yes! All the time… Until the last moment of her life he wanted to hurt her. He made her life square, it was terrible!


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Gael’s brother and his hell with addictions; his father’s widow makes sad revelations