‘Gangs, war and peace’: this is how its actors look 23 years later

Gangs, war and piece was one of the TV soaps most iconic of the Colombian ‘small screen’ for portraying, in their own way, the experiences experienced in the communities hardest hit by poverty and violence in Bogotá.

It was broadcast from 1999 to 2004 and was created by the current Senator of the Republic Gustavo Bolívar.

One of the things that most captivated the public was the introduction of Bogota slang to the dialogues of the libretto. In addition to having in the cast characters from one of the flagship neighborhoods of the telenovela: Ciudad Bolívar.

We tell you what they do and what their protagonists, 23 years later.

Juan Sebastian Calero (Richard)

Juan Sebastián Calero embodied ‘Richard’, one of the main characters of the telenovela until 2004, when it went off the air for the first time.

Since his departure from the cast, he has dedicated himself to the acting world, participating in productions on the streaming platform ‘Netflix’ such as ‘Narcos’, ‘Theft of the century’ (2020) and ‘Wild District’ (2018).

The 40-year-old actor is currently playing a leading role in the recently released Caracol television series ‘Arelys Henao: I sing so as not to cry.’

Juan Sebastian Calero

Juan Sebastián Calero played Richard.


RCN Television – Instagram

John Alex Ortiz (Mateito)

The actor John Alex Ortiz he personified Mateo, better known within the gang as ‘Mateito’. He was the one who started ‘Richard’, leader of the gang, on the path of violence and gangs.

At the beginning of the year 2000, while he was still filming the series, Ortiz was shot in the town of Chapinero when he was chatting in a bar in the area with a group of friends, after leading a fight.

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The altercation left him in a wheelchair for some time until he was able to regain mobility and walk with crutches. After leaving the telenovela, she was able to participate in other high-class productions such as ‘Sin Senos no Hay Paraíso’ and ‘A Juego Limpio’.

He is currently preaching at a Christian community.

War and Peace Gang

Jhon Alex Ortiz was left with a walking disability after being shot in 2000.


RCN Television / Instagram

Freddy Ordonez (Javi)

Freddy Ordonez he played ‘Javi’ in ‘Gangs, war and peace’. He is one of the actors who has had a very good participation in the Colombian acting spectrum, because after leaving the telenovela in question, he was able to consecrate himself with productions such as ‘Los Victorinos’ (2009), ‘Loquito Por Ti’ (2018) and ‘Un Bandido Honrado’ (2019).

He has a three-year marriage with the model Kelly Lopez.

War and Peace Gang

Freddy Ordoñez played ‘Javi’ in ‘Gangs, war and peace’.


RCN television / Instagram

Ivan Dario Aldana (Shampoo)

There is not much information about Iván Darío Aldana after his departure from the soap opera. However, he has been seen in productions with great media coverage such as ‘Three Cains’ (2013) and ‘El Capo’ (2009), a production in which he personified the ‘Mexican’, a renowned Colombian drug trafficker.

He is one of the actors who grew up in Ciudad Bolívar, which is why he has been involved in social dynamics helping the community. He has dedicated himself to maintaining a plant of plastics processing in which it helps several people who live from recycling.

Ivan Dario Aldna

He has dedicated himself to maintaining a plastics processing plant to help workers who make a living from recycling.


RCN television / Instagram

Jose Hurley Rojas (Rasputin)

‘Rasputin’ was considered one of the bravest and most conflictive characters in the gangs. Like ‘Shampoo’, he was also raised in the Ciudad Bolívar neighborhood, which is why he decided to launch himself as mayor of the sector in 2015.

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Jose Hurley Rojas (Rasputin)

He ran as a candidate for mayor of Ciudad Bolivar in 2015.


RCN television / Facebook

Cesar Serrano (Pecueca)

Serrano’s life has been a mystery after his participation in the production. Although he managed to get a role in a television series directed by Gustavo Bolívar, he has not had a great impact on the acting scene.

However, the recognition that his character gave him has led him to enter social causes linked to the prevention of the consumption of psychoactive substances in different sectors of the country.

Gangs, war and piece

He has dedicated himself to the chair in the prevention of addictions in the young population.


Archive THE TIME / Instagram

Francisco Bolivar (Pachito)

Bolívar personified the applied and judicious ‘pachito’ in the production. After the completion of ‘Gangs, war and peace’, he has had a long acting career that has listed him as one of the most acclaimed actors on Colombian television.

‘Three Cains’ (2013), ‘Without Breasts If There Is Paradise’ (2016) and ‘Escobar el Patrón del Mal’ (2012) are some of his most important acting roles.

Gangs, war and piece

Francisco Bolívar is the nephew of Senator Gustavo Bolívar.

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