George Clooney asks that photos of his children not be published so as not to endanger their lives

George Clooney wants to safeguard the image of his family and the identity of her two sons, the twins, Ella and Alexander, age 4, that share with his wife, the international law and human rights lawyer, Amal clooney, 43 years old. The actor learned that the British medium The Daily Mail had posted pictures of the one year old baby Billie lourd, actress and protagonist in the series American horror story, and this has been the reason why has decided to write an open letter, both to the aforementioned website and to the rest of the sensationalist media, in order to try to prevent the same from happening to your children.

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The protagonist of Ocean’s eleven, 60, has begun his writing, published by the magazine Deadline, explaining the reasons that had prompted him to make this decision: “Having seen photos of Billie Lourd’s one-year-old baby in your posts, and having subsequently removed those photos, we ask that you refrain from putting our children’s faces in your articles “Clooney has sentenced. Who has continued his letter acknowledging that he is a public figure and that accept that they take photos, “often intrusive”, as part of the price to pay for exercising your profession. Nevertheless, their children “have not made that commitment”. He went on to explain that his wife’s work makes you come to confront and judge terrorist groups, so “we must take all possible precautions for keep our family safe“.

The winner of an Oscar for the movie Syriana wants avoid putting your children’s lives “in danger” and that is the fundamental objective of this letter. George Clooney has related that they cannot protect their children if some publication puts their faces on the cover. “We have never sold a photo of him, we are not on the networks and we do not even publish photos,” he said. “It is not something paranoid, but a problem in the real world, with consequences in the real world.” His letter has concluded with these blunt words: “We hope you agree that the need to sell advertising is not much better than the need to prevent innocent children from being attacked “. The interpreter of The descendants He also wanted to thank the media for listening to his request.

George and Amal Clooney were married in Venice in September 2014 and became parents in June 2017. Since then always have kept their twins, Alexander and Ella, 4, away from the media spotlight and they have come to sue all those who have tried to take photos of the little ones. This It is not an isolated case and there are many celebrities who have raised their voices and decided do not share images of your children in their profiles or, if they do, it is by pixelating their faces to preserve their identity. Without going further, a couple of weeks ago, it was blake lively who charged the papparazzis and denounced the child harassment suffered by little ones on the internet. The actress lashed out at a photo profile who is dedicated to publishing images of celebrities with their children without prior consent, and that he had shared some snapshots of the protagonist of Adaline’s Secret, along with her husband, Ryan Reynolds, and the couple’s three daughters, James, Inez and Betty, all minors. The famous interpreter asked him to delete them because girls they weren’t of an age to decide if they wanted to be photographed or not, and not do it again.

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George Clooney asks that photos of his children not be published so as not to endanger their lives