Georgina Rodríguez: “I feel just as comfortable with the president of Ferrari as with a waiter. I am not classist”

With more than 28 million followers on Instagram, Georgina Rodríguez (Buenos Aires, 27 years old) is, among many other things, a model, mother, influencer, businesswoman, dancer and partner of Cristiano Ronaldo. next January 27 premieres on Netflix I am Georgina, a reality show Kardashian-style in which he lets the cameras enter corners of his professional and, above all, personal life that the public had not had access to.

Ask. In the promo of his new show he says he knows what it’s like to go from having nothing to having everything. Are you exaggerating?

Answer. My sister, my mother and I have been a family and we have always been super close. It is true that I have never lacked the basics. But it is also true that sometimes I ate better and other times worse, just as sometimes we had hot water and sometimes we didn’t. At 18, I wanted to study and I couldn’t leave Jaca, the town where I grew up. Then I got a job offer in a hotel in a very small town near Barbastro, two and a half hours from Jaca, and my mother left me 100 euros to leave my town and that’s how I started to have a salary, pay a rent and lead an independent life.

P. Do you remember the exact moment when you became interested in luxury?

R. After working at the hotel in Graus, it was clear to me that I wanted to go to Madrid because my dream was to study business administration. My sister was preparing the selectivity and the two of us went to Madrid together. I left the curriculum at Inditex and started at Massimo Dutti but sometimes I would walk along the Golden Mile and I loved looking at the shop windows. When I entered a shop luxury, for me it was like entering a museum. Then I came to England as a babysitter and learned English and when I came back they took me at Gucci. There I was already looking inside the world of fashion, because it is fashion that interests me, not luxury, because luxury is very relative. For me, luxury is also going to the countryside with a sheet to eat a chorizo ​​sandwich.

P. The slogan of reality show en “Before she sold bags, now she collects them”. Does that mean you think one thing is better than the other?

R. That is a phrase that the team of marketing but I have enjoyed being a waitress in the restaurant in Graus just as much, putting out ten-euro menus and seeing that people left satisfied and gave me a two-euro tip, as ironing sheets or selling bags. I was hired to do a job and my daily satisfaction was to go home thinking that I had done very well. Then people say to me: “Jolín, what a dream, right? To go from selling luxury bags to being able to have them”. And I say, yes. It is wonderful.

P. Don’t you miss anything from your previous life?

R. The only thing I miss is going out and that people do not recognize you, being able to go quietly without looking around the corners to see who is going to take a picture of you.

P. And isn’t it awkward living always surrounded by bodyguards?

R. Not at all, because in the end they make my life easier. They do their job very well and respect the spaces a lot.

P. In the documentary he tells that he is going to meet with the president of Ferrari, John Elkann. She doesn’t seem to be intimidated in high-class surroundings. Where does that security come from?

R. It was a very comfortable moment. He was with his children, just like me with mine and everything went very smoothly. When I go to the sites I don’t think in those terms. That’s classist and since I’m not classist, well, I don’t care. I feel just as comfortable with that type of person as with my former colleagues, with the workers I have at home or with the waiter who brings me a coffee.

P. And how come some people are only nice to you because you have money?

R. Well, it’s the same as people who are much nicer when the boss is around. It is something human.

P. He says in the documentary that he loves to always travel by jet private because if I had to spend two hours in an airport I would prefer not to travel. Is it so?

R. I say that because when I go with Cristiano, people don’t see beyond him. They jump on him and they don’t care if you have four children on top of you, bags, suitcases. We take a lot of pushes. I worry about my children but I suppose that like the mothers who go to the park and want to have their children controlled and that they do not get lost.

P. In your Wikipedia entry it only appears as his daughter Alana. Do you consider that the rest of the children are also your children?

R. Neither Cristiano nor I consider her to be my only daughter. My children are all four and all four of them call me mom. What happens is that many things are published on the internet that are not true. That’s just one more thing people don’t know.

P. However, now with this program he is going to open up many spaces in his life that until now were totally closed to the public. Does that exhibition scare you a little?

R. I have never considered that because I am the wife of the best footballer in the world I have to open my house and my privacy. But I am also very sure of myself, I always act from the heart and with the best intentions. I am very proud of who I am and where I come from, my family and the people around me so I don’t worry at all.

P. His mother and mother-in-law do not appear. I guess he wanted to protect some people…

R. That has nothing to do with it. Is my reality show and they have not appeared because the circumstances have not occurred.

P. Do you think that Cristiano is going to have a hard time giving up his leading role this time?

R. We just don’t see it that way at all. It has been by mutual agreement, he is very proud of me.

P. Would you say that you are the person who most influences Cristiano Ronaldo’s life?

R. When you fall in love with a person and everything you do together is always so positive for everything, of course you trust. But it depends on what for. In the family sphere, he obviously takes my opinion very seriously. In football and business, no. But in the end, in any case, your opinion belongs to you.

P. And you, in the field of business, what is the opinion that you take into account the most?

R. my own I always look at the pros and cons and study the situation, but the truth is that I am lucky. All the people around me are very good, competitive and educated, they advise me very well.

P. It is not a secret that the family relationship with his father was complicated. He was a soccer player and coach. Were you interested in soccer as a child?

R. The truth is that I was never interested in football when I was little. I was interested in ballet and going to the country. It started to interest me later because I’m interested in what my partner does but I’m not a soccer fan and the truth is that at home we don’t talk about soccer because I have no idea.

P. And what can they be talking about for hours?

R. For our care, the care of our children, of our training traveling, projects, business…

P. Is the place where you have arrived the product of luck, love or ambition?

R. Professionally, I consider myself an ambitious person, because in the end ambition is also what makes you want to do everything perfectly and that everything turns out well. But in my personal life, no. Cristiano is a soccer player, the best in the world, who is financially very well because he has had a head and has done very good business, as well as being a gorgeous and perfect man [risas]. But it was a coincidence.

P. draws attention to the reality show How much you insist that you are happy. Do you not have moments of sadness?

R. I am a very positive person, more than ambitious or calculating. Life is much simpler than all that and in the end I think things are going well for me because I don’t act with envy, greed or evil. So if you’re lucky the road will take you to places. But of course I am happy and I feel very fulfilled.

P. Have you already organized a life plan that will allow you not to worry about money anymore?

R. One can never know why tomorrow I decide to set up a business, things go wrong for me and I lose everything. Life is very long.

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Georgina Rodríguez: “I feel just as comfortable with the president of Ferrari as with a waiter. I am not classist”