Gerard Piqué tells how he helps Shakira with his songs

Gerard Piqué has confessed how he helps Shakira when the singer writes and makes new songs for her repertoire. The soccer player has revealed that, although he considers himself a man of few words and more than numbers, he does contribute something to help the singer with her songs. “Not to compose, but he does ask me if I like it or not and from there he makes changes“, has related the athlete in The Hormiguero. In addition, the businessman has also related what really happened to the interpreter of the bike a few weeks ago when he had to face some wild boars. “In Barcelona at night they go down where the houses are and where they smell food, It is not that they attack you, but they are going to get your bag and it seems that they are a little violent“, has begun to explain.


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Gerard Piqué has also counted that his wife was scared to death when they attacked him and He has assured that they are very used to seeing them prowling around the area where they live. “I see them every night when I go home, especially if you’ve been to dinner. In the last year I will have seen about 100. There are more and more“He told Pablo Motos. Other issues on which he has been sincere has been how an elite athlete faces a possible withdrawal, something that, he said, can feel like an” abyss “because nobody prepares them to know how will this drastic change in your life be. Of course, the player believes that in his specific case it won’t affect you that much because he has been dedicating himself for some time to another professional facet, his company, which is organizing the Davis Cup in Madrid these days. “The key is to have another routine“, has commented.

Until the moment it touches you, you cannot say what will happen. In recent years I have been preparing myself for this life that I will have when I retire, “said Gerard, adding that what is clear to him is that he will always have in mind the field of play, the smell of the grass, going to practice or sharing the changing room with other players. “I think it will not be so hard because you will have a different environment and other teammates, but it is clear that there will be many things that he will miss,” the athlete continued about the moment when he has to stop playing.

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More than ten years have passed since the paths of Shakira and Gerard Piqué crossed at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, specifically in the recordings of the video clip of Waka, Waka. More than a decade after that crush, the couple is still as in love as the first day, –they already explained why they don’t want to get married, although in recent weeks the rumors have been rekindled – and they have formed a beautiful family together with his two children, Milan, eight years old, and Sasha, out of six, that have become his top priority.

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Gerard Piqué tells how he helps Shakira with his songs