Germán Martitegui’s anger with Denise Dumas and Tomás Fonzi in Masterchef Celebrity: “They are drunk”

The jury expressed its outrage to see that they had tried several liquors and wanted to confiscate all alcoholic beverages

The grand finale of the third season is approaching. Master Chef Celebrityand the final six entrants are determined to earn their place on the podium. Despite the competitive climate that exists these dayson Wednesday they put aside the tensions for a moment and enjoyed a wedding night. The decoration of the studio, the mirrored disco ball and the carioca carnival, were the prelude to pastry challenge they faced: to make a three-tier cake together. Tomás Fonzi and Denise Dumas formed one of the three duos, and had a strong crossover with Germán Martitegui for tasting different liquors while cooking a “drunk cake”

at the beginning of the gala Damien Betular He asked the contestants to get together to see who would get the bouquet of flowers that he would throw, and whoever managed to do so would make a significant profit. Eight months pregnant, Mica Viciconte set out to reach the goal and succeeded, even after pushing Mary del Cerro in an unexpected move. In this sense, Santiago del Moro took the opportunity to ask him if there will be a marriage with Fabian Cuberoand the former Combat surprised with his answer: “I owe you, there is no marriage”.

The athlete was in charge of forming the teams, and chose the former Almost angels as his partner; while she joined Fonzi with Dumas already Malena Guinzburg with vicky Juariu braier. In 70 minutes, each pair had to make one of the three levels of the wedding cake, and they had the freedom to choose what filling they would put inside the biscuits, as long as they respect the same coverage to unify the cake visually.

Tomás Fonzi and Denise Duman formed a controversial duo in Masterchef Celebrity 3
Tomás Fonzi and Denise Duman formed a controversial duo in Masterchef Celebrity 3

From the beginning Dumas and Fonzi decided to incorporate different alcohols in the flavor, inspired by the festive spirit of a wedding and the toast to the bride and groom. However, they brought a wide variety of liquors from the market and joked with the idea of ​​trying each one to know which one to include in the syrup that would provide moisture and a distinctive seal. Although it was all in a humorous tone, when Martitegui passed by his cooking station he noticed that all the bottles were openand was surprised when Campi’s wife offered him a compotera with champagne and ice.

“You are very bad, you give me all the alcohol right now”, sentenced the chef. Behind the scenes, the actor took the jury’s comment with humor and opined: “Suddenly the police entered the study, and suddenly there is a breathalyser control, what is this?”. After defining his gastronomic style as “cooking show”, Fonzi asked him to leave the liqueurs to finish with the mix of flavors they wanted to add to the Italian meringue, and he got Martitegui to allow them to continue with his recipe.

I think they are drunkthey have a cake with two fillings, with peaches flambéed in coffee liquor, dulce de leche with cream cheese and nuts, it is all inclusive that cake”, he explained to Betular and Donato de Santis when they asked him how the usual tour of the cooking stations had gone. The worst moment was the return, when they faced the experts and received a barrage of criticism.

In the kitchens you never drink, because it is also a danger, they are with knives, you are with fire, I never ate anything in service”, emphasized Martitegui. Meanwhile, the actor justified the decisions they made: “You have to try everything, the juries always tell us.” The driver also gave his opinion on the subject and released an unfiltered comment: “This is not fun, Tomás did not stop sucking. Could it be that they cooked a little drunk and mixed everything? Because they put everything on the cake.” Firm in his position, the actor assured: “To get drunk at least for me, I needed ten marriages.” His partner, on his part, also defended him: “It didn’t go well for us, but we had a great time, nobody takes away what we danced.”


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Germán Martitegui’s anger with Denise Dumas and Tomás Fonzi in Masterchef Celebrity: “They are drunk”