Get to know the house where Adamari López celebrated Alaïa and Karla Monroig’s birthdays

Last weekend, the Dominican presenter Adamari Lopez celebrated Puerto Rican’s 43rd birthday in advance Karla Monroigas well as that of Alaiahis little daughter.

Through a series of photographs and videos, disseminated by Cynthia Torres and by herself, we were able to find out some details of the celebration held in the garden and in the outdoor dining room of the house that the presenter of ‘Hoy Día’ owns in the state of Florida.

The celebration not only served to commemorate the birthdays of two of the most important women in Adamari’s lifebut also to brand new your new barbecue in style.

“It’s a weekend to take advantage of the fact that summer is approaching, at least for me, and to open my pergola and start the bbq for the first time,” said Ada, while marinating some steaks and ribs.

From what we could see, the celebration was adorned by a series of purple, green and pink balloons, an exquisite dessert table, refreshing sparkling wines, cold meat tables, fine cuts of meat, among other delicacies.

Adamari brought forward Alaïa and Karla’s birthdayswho have birthdays on March 7 and 5, respectively, due to your work commitments in Puerto Ricoso he couldn’t be with both of them on those important days.

“Releasing a pergola and, in addition, celebrating Karlita’s birthday, whose birthday is next Saturday, but since I’m not going to be there, I’ll celebrate it now,” said the green-eyed woman.

What is the house like where Adamari López celebrated Karla Monroig and Alaïa’s birthday?


The kitchen is quite spacious and open. It is made up of white cabinets, high-end appliances and a central island that is used by Adamari to prepare the most exquisite recipes, although she admits that she is not the best chef.

The island is also used as a breakfast area, while in a small corner of the room there is a kind of television room, where he usually sits, together with Alaïa, to watch some of his favorite programs while having breakfast.

Dining room

Its dining room, located just to one side of the kitchen and facing the garden through a window, is made up of a table, which stands out for its flower arrangements, for its six gray chairs, for a beige stool and for the beautiful ceiling lamp that illuminates it.

There he also has some paintings and a cabinet where he keeps some of his awards, various flowers and a couple of photographs of his parents, who have already passed away.


Her living room, which she showed off to us when Alaïa gave her an arrangement of yellow roses, is made up of a gray modular sofa, a beige one, a bookcase and a small table where the smallest member of the family usually sit down to play

main bedroom

The main bedroom is made up of a large bed with light-toned bedding and headboard, as well as chocolate and white side tables.


As a good television celebrity, the actress of ‘Amigas y Rivales’ has a very spacious and tidy closet, in which she keeps her very wide collection of outfits and shoes.

Alaia’s bedroom

Alaïa’s bedroom is painted white. It has a bed with green bedding, as well as a gray headboard and chest of drawers.


Outside it has extensive green areas, with a children’s play area, with terraces, with a barbecue area, with small sports courts, with a swimming pool with its respective spa area, as well as with a large dollhouse.

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Get to know the house where Adamari López celebrated Alaïa and Karla Monroig’s birthdays