Giselle Blondet follows in her daughter’s footsteps and removes breast implants

Giselle Blondet follows in her daughter's footsteps and removes breast implants


Until recently, the existence of a disease that attacks a percentage of women who get breast implants was unknown. evil, called Breast Implant Disease (BID), It causes a series of symptoms that affect the health of those who suffer from it, impacting their quality of life.

Sleep disorders, migraine, joint pain, fatigue, hair loss, depression, anxiety and skin rashes are some of the symptoms that are known so far. It was some of these symptoms that led Giselle Blondet to make the decision to remove her breast implants.

Explaining how the path she followed to reach the decision was, the Univisión presenter explained that for years she suffered from pain related to this disease. Coincidentally, something similar happened to her daughter Gabriella Trucco and she dedicated herself to investigating for a long time. A month ago, the young woman removed the breast implants that her famous mother had given her years ago.

“I forgot things. She was so tired, she could sleep 12 hours and still felt like she hadn’t slept in months. I had a headache, migraines. I went to neurologists, I had several x-rays to see if there was something in my brain, something in my neck or something that was impacting my nerves. I have been to chiropractors. All the doctors, all the blood tests and everything was fine. They told me that I had nothing, that it could be hormonal. Until I finally started to investigate and discovered the existence of this disease, ”said Gabriela in a video that she uploaded with her mother to Facebook.

According to the young woman, immediately after the surgery she felt a great relief. “I was able to breathe very well and I was able to sleep better, without insomnia,” he said.

After going through the entire process with her daughter, Blondet, 58, was admitted today to have her implants removed by the same doctor who operated on her daughter.

“I am calm, excited. I am going to perform an explant, they are going to remove the breast implants. I have a series of symptoms that have been bothering me for many years and I want to be healthier (…) I constantly have a lot of pain, headache, tiredness, fatigue and I have already seen many cases where diseases like mine, which is rheumatoid arthritis , have been related to the disease of breast implants, “he explained in a video that he uploaded to his Facebook, where he explained that his implants are rough, the ones that would be more related to the disease.

Mother and daughter made an appeal to those who are considering the possibility of increasing their bust. “What they don’t tell you at your appointment when you’re going to get implants is that your body can say ‘hey, I don’t want them,'” Gabriela said.

For her part, Giselle Blondet, who says she felt very guilty for giving her daughter implants, advocated self-acceptance.

“It helped you to get the implants visually, but it didn’t help you emotionally,” she told her daughter. “We learned that when we are not comfortable with who we are, we cannot have surgeries, because it is like painting a house from the outside and not working on the foundations. Our value does not depend on implants, surgery or hair color, “emphasized the driver.

Like Giselle Blondet, her co-worker at Nuestra Belleza Latina, Alexandra EspinozaAt the end of last year, he announced that he would undergo the same procedure.

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Giselle Blondet follows in her daughter’s footsteps and removes breast implants