Giuffre lawyers ask for proof that Prince Andrew can’t sweat

(CNN) – Prince Andrew was asked to provide documents proving his “alleged medical inability to sweat” in a court filing filed by attorneys for Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who accused the royals of sexual assault in a civil lawsuit in the United States.

In the court document filed Thursday, Giuffre’s lawyers also ask for any documents related to anyone Andrés met at a Pizza Express restaurant in Woking, England, or at the Club Tramp nightclub in London, and about his travel to and from. those places.

In her lawsuit, Giuffre alleges that Jeffrey Epstein trafficked her and forced her to have sex with his friends, including the prince, and that Andrés knew that she was a minor (17) in the United States. Prince Andrew strongly denies the allegations.

In a 2019 BBC interview, Andrés said that he had taken his eldest daughter to a party at a pizzeria on the night of 2001 when he allegedly had sex with Giuffre. She also said in the interview that for many years she was unable to sweat, countering accusations made by Giuffre that she sweated profusely before having sex in London when she was 17.

“I don’t remember meeting this lady,” he said of Giuffre.

In claims made before filing her lawsuit, Giuffre alleges that in 2001 Epstein took her to London, where she was introduced to Prince Andrew and went dancing at a nightclub with Epstein, his then-girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell, and the prince.

In a BBC interview also broadcast in 2019, Giuffre said she had been taken to the Tramp nightclub where, Giuffre alleged, Andres asked her to dance and she was “sweating all over the place.”

Giuffre’s attorneys have also demanded documents related to Andres’ travel to or from, or his presence on, planes from Epstein, Florida, New York, New Mexico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, according to his filing this Thursday, as well as documents related to “all gifts” or other things of value “received by Andrés de Epstein or Maxwell” including, “but not limited to, puppets.”

“If Prince Andrew really has no documents regarding his communications with Maxwell or Epstein, his trip to Florida, New York or various places in London, his alleged medical inability to sweat, or anything that supports the alibis he gave during his interview with the BBC, then further discovery will not be a burden on him not at all, “the document said.

Oral arguments in the case are scheduled for January 4, when lawyers for the 61-year-old prince are expected to argue in favor of dismissing the lawsuit.

Andrés’ legal team affirmed in a motion filed Tuesday that the court does not have jurisdiction over the case. Giuffre’s lawyers said the motion “lacks legal or factual basis” and urged the court to deny it, according to Thursday’s court filing. The judge denied the motion on Friday.

American judges have also ruled that a confidential 2009 settlement agreement between Epstein and Giuffre, which may also have referenced Prince Andrew, should be published next week.

Maxwell, a British socialite, was found guilty by a New York jury Wednesday on five counts related to her role in Epstein’s sexual abuse of minors.

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Giuffre lawyers ask for proof that Prince Andrew can’t sweat