Goodbye Nodal, does Belinda have a new love? Romance from Spain

Belinda would have aroused a strong controversy in recent days after in the midst of the strong controversy with Christian Nodal, the “originally from Madrid“, would supposedly debut a new love.

Since his stay in Spain, the singer Belinda He has hinted that he has decided to start a new life in his place of origin, so in addition to his new work projects, he would also open the doors of his heart to a Spaniard.

Recently, the “songwriter“He aroused some suspicions after appearing in an image with one of his colleagues in the series, the most curious thing was that the postcard was shown with a heart frame and sharing affectionate messages between them.

Everything seems to indicate that the “businesswoman“, Belinda, she would try to show that she has already conquered another little heart by leaving her “ex-fiancé“In oblivion or rather that would try to demonstrate, although the reality would be different since according to versions of a YouTube channel, Belinda would try to divert attention in a post in which she appears with another boy.

Welcome to Eden… What a beautiful friendship and with the baby, reads the message that accompanies a video where the star and the “actor” appear enclosed in a heart together with the pet of the “naturalized Mexican.”

Both seem to enjoy an afternoon on the beach while the interpreter’s colleague from “lies, bastard“, he carries in his arms the small “cuatro” the chihuahua puppy that accompanies “Beli” everywhere.

As circulated in one of the recent videos in which all the details about Los Nodeli were taken up, the Gossip No Like program would uncover the true identity of the boy with whom “BeliShe models in a “very romantic” and “lots of love” mood, supposedly.

It would be a character of the plot in which he embodies the character of “Africa” or “Afrilux” as it has also been called, showed the channel’s presenters, Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain.

The “host of the transmission” commented sarcastically: “Oh, gossip that I have a boyfriend in Spain, so they stop talking about my teeth… This is my boyfriend.”

However, the companion of the film actress in “Baywatch” (2007), among other tapes, is “openly gay”, commented the presenter to what her partner, commented, was Belinda Peregrín Schüll’s “modus operandi” to manipulate the news

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Goodbye Nodal, does Belinda have a new love? Romance from Spain