Goodbye to being single? América Fernández appears with a new heartthrob

After America Fernandez confess that, after several months of relationship, had returned to singleness. However, on that occasion, the young daughter of Alejandro Fernandez hinted that there was someone who was beginning to like him, so it was not closed to rediscover love. And everything seems to indicate that this has been the case, because this weekend she has been seen as very affectionate in the company of a mysterious heartthrob of whom little is known so far. And although America has not confirmed or denied that she is in love, the truth is that the images she has shared on her social networks say more than a thousand words.



It was through his Instagram stories that the beautiful granddaughter of Don Vicente Fernández was seen in a video, very well accompanied by a handsome young man during the concert that ‘El Potrillo’ offered this weekend in Los Angeles. In the clip, America can be seen dancing and singing one of her father’s hits, who was on stage at the time, while her companion hugged her from behind. In another clip, she can be seen very affectionate with her beau, whom she kisses on one of her cheeks and sings in her ear.

Later, América Fernández took up her social networks again to post new photos and videos next to the mysterious gallant, where we have been able to see them enjoying a walk by the sea, while they contemplated a romantic sunset, drawing the attention of their followers with their publications, because at all times they were most affectionate and embraced.


In another of the publications that the daughter of the interpreter of I’m gonna lose you made through Instagram Stories, she shared some photographs in which she again appears hugged by a handsome young man who accompanied her all weekend, adding some heart emojis to her postcards without making any statement about it. Of course, America was in charge of ending the mystery and tagged her beau in one of the stories she shared, so we could know that the handsome young man is called Ignacio ZermeñoAlthough he apparently prefers to keep a low profile, as his social networks are private.

The first clues about the mysterious heartthrob

It was during a dynamic of questions and answers that America organized in her Instagram stories with her fans, where she could not help but be questioned about her love life, a moment in which she surprised all her followers by making some unexpected revelations. “Where is the boyfriend?“Asked one of her fans, to which the young woman responded calmly and without leaving any room for doubt:”Surprise. I’m single”He wrote, adding ghost emojis to his words. The truth is that that does not mean that she is closed to love, because after making this revelation she gave more details of how her heart is at this moment. “But I like someone, top secret“He added without giving further explanation, leaving everyone uncertain about the identity of the gallant who steals sighs today.


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Goodbye to being single? América Fernández appears with a new heartthrob