Grettell Valdez and Pato Borghetti join forces to celebrate the first communion of their son Santino

Undoubtedly, Grettell Valdez and Patrick borghetti they have managed to build a very cordial relationship and even close after their separation. And it could not be otherwise, because both they have always stayed together in the love they have for Santino, the son they have in common. As they have shown this weekend, when celebrities came together to celebrate the 13-year-old boy’s first communion, a moment in which they have also been participants Odalys Ramirez, current partner of Pato, who has a very special affection for Santino, as well as the two brothers of the celebrated one, Gia and Rocco.



Through their respective Instagram profiles, Pato, Grettell and Odalys have shared some details of the beautiful celebration that they have shared as a family, after the little one received the sacrament of communion for the first time in his life, a moment that Grettell has recorded in her most emotional Instagram stories, where she has shared a video in which you can see the moment in which Santino receives the Eucharist from the priest.

For his part, Pato shared some photographs of this special day, where we have been able to see the Venga Alegría presenter posing next to Odalys and her three children, as well as another where he appears with Santino, Gretrell and the priest who is commissioned the emotional religious ceremony. Along with the images, the actor also wrote a few words of congratulations for his son, showing himself to be the most proud of the ‘modern family’ that they have managed to form. “Happy First Communion son. May your path always be full of generosity, love and light. @santinoborghetti. We love you Dad, @odalysrp, Gia and Toto! Congratulations @grettellv too! #FamiliaModerna ”, he shared.


Odalys also shared some details of this special day for everyone, making clear the great love she has for Santino, as well as the excellent relationship she has with Grettell. “Muégano family. Always together. Happy First Communion #SantoPuroAmor. We love you!”, Wrote the presenter of the most excited at the bottom of his publication. It should be noted that among the guests were Yordi Rosado, Claudia Álvarez and the actor René Strickler, who by the way was one of Santino’s godparents.

Grettell’s advice for your child as a teenager

Grettell Valdez is aware that her son has gradually left childhood behind and is practically a teenager, a stage that can be a bit chaotic for some young people, and also for parents, although apparently Grettell and her son do. they have gotten along very well. “Santino is the best, he is leaving the child and is entering the adolescent stage. I’m working and he talks to me every five minutes… He doesn’t like photos anymore, because he’s grown up. Santino entered secondary school, my baby has grown up, I tell them that he no longer likes taking videos or photos… ”, he shared during a recent talk he had on social networks with his fans.

In fact, the actress shared the important advice she has given her son at this beautiful stage of his life, which seems full of important decisions. “What a good question because I am living it with my son, who obviously has it in his blood (talent), but I give the advice that I give my son, right now that he studies, that he prepare, that he do a separate career of the performance. What do I tell Santino that now is the time to prepare, to study, I am motivating him to pursue a career and have a plan b, this world of acting is very complicated… ”, he assured.


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Grettell Valdez and Pato Borghetti join forces to celebrate the first communion of their son Santino