Grey’s Anatomy scandal: Ellen Pompeo would have received $ 5 million not to report the abuse of Patrick Dempsey

Grey’s Anatomy It is not simply one of the longest series of the last decades but, also, it was – and continues to be – one of the most successful in the industry of USA.

The complex cases that arrive at the Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital and the love affairs between the doctors have managed to seduce several generations that, with fanaticism, not a chapter is lost.

Money for silence?

But not everything that glitters on the screen is gold. And the rumors of conflicts within the series created by Shonda rhimes they have been incessant from the beginning. And the last -and recent- scandal involves nothing more and nothing less than its protagonist: Ellen pompeo.

Although in general it was linked to Patrick Dempsey (the doctor Derek Shepherd, in the story) with the frequent discussions that occurred within the set, this time it was also the turn of the protagonist, the doctor Meredith gray in fiction.

Ellen Pompeo, the doctor Meredith Gray in fiction, is the protagonist of this new scandal.

And who exposed it was Isaiah Washington. The actor who played Doctor Preston Burke revealed during an interview on the Tavis Smiley podcast one of the cast’s most controversial secrets.

According to his testimony, the production I would have paid a millionaire figure to the protagonist so that she does not talk about the abuse of her co-star, informs the Spoiler.

“Ellen Pompeo took $ 5 million under the table during the heyday of the MeToo so as not to tell the world how toxic and disgusting Patrick Dempsey really was, ”the artist confessed. In addition, he also assured that his partner “no one wanted him on the program.”

Interns, fights and layoffs

Released in 2005, Grey’s Anatomy has had multiple ups and downs throughout its 18 seasons. There were many characters who joined, but there were also many who left the story. Many of them, due to frictions that were generated within the cast and with the production.

There are few rumors about Rhimes deciding “kill” your characters – often in a hasty way and without much explanation – due to his intense differences with the stars, including Dempsey, who left the series in 2015.

The behind the scenes of Grey's Anatomy was always plagued with fights and arguments.

The behind the scenes of Grey’s Anatomy was always plagued with fights and arguments.

In the book How to Save a Life: The Inside Story of Grey’s Anatomy of journalist Lynette Rice, his own colleagues accuse the actor of “Terrorize them” in the set.

According to the testimonies that Rice published, the aggressive and unpleasant attitude Dempsey hastened the end of his character.

Jeannine Renshaw, a former executive producer of the series, gave her opinion and assured that between Dempsey and Pompeo there was a lot of tension. “There were times when Ellen was frustrated with Patrick and mad because he didn’t care,” she said.

For his part, executive producer James Parriott said about the heartthrob that: “He had the power and he knew he could stop production whenever he wanted and scare people. People from the network (ABC) and the studio came and talked to him. I think he was just fed up with the show. He didn’t like having to come to work every day. He and Shonda attacked each other all the time. ”

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Grey’s Anatomy scandal: Ellen Pompeo would have received $ 5 million not to report the abuse of Patrick Dempsey