Guillermo Bonetto, the singer of Los Cafres, spoke about his health problems that took him away from the stage

Guillermo Bonetto, leader of Los Cafres
Guillermo Bonetto, leader of Los Cafres

Since last year, The CAFRES, the popular reggae band, had to cancel its shows both in Argentina and abroad. Some of the recitals were rescheduled, but again they were suspended due to health problems of the group’s leader, William Bonette.

Through social networks, the singer told for the first time the reason why he left the stage: “At the end of October last year, I suffered a problem with my health, most likely due to stress, which made it impossible for me to move half of my face, dizziness and various complications, some more serious than others.

From these problems, he began to walk a path to recover his health. “I went through countless moods, (I think you can imagine) doctors, many therapies and therapists, several who still treat me,” Guillermo explained to his Instagram followers.

In addition, he thanked the affection and unconditional support of his most intimate environment: “But above all a lot of support and love from my close circle, family group and my dear Cafreswhich led to a not so unpleasant trip, in fact even at times very welcoming and enriching, since I felt accompanied and very supported”.

Guillermo Bonetto's message about his state of health
Guillermo Bonetto’s message about his state of health

Bonetto pointed out that with his bandmates they believed that they would return to work in these months, however, he clarified that his followers will have to wait a little longer until his health condition improves. “This has ‘its’ times and I am learning to respect them and to respect what my body, and ultimately, my being, is telling me. While there are notable improvements in my condition, not enough yet to handle the demands of touring”, wrote the artist.

“I thank you on behalf of myself and the band for your fundamental SUPPORT, RESPECT and LOVE, which are sincerely IMMENSE!!! We are aiming to resume activities in the middle of the year, hopefully it will materialize and the sooner the better!!! “The singer stated that he received emotional messages from his fans on the networks.

Los Cafres, in a show they did in Tecnópolis
Los Cafres, in a show they did in Tecnópolis

On the other hand, he clarified that the shows that were scheduled in Colombia and Peru for March are canceled due to force majeure. While the recitals in Peru will be rescheduled as agreed with the local producer.

It should be noted that Los Cafres began playing in 1987 and sought to build their own style to convey their message with different melodies and rhythms. “It was (a path) complex, perhaps, because it is made up of a lot of different events, but not hard,” Bonetto reflected in an interview with teleshow in 2016, in which he assured that they had been playing for 30 years and they spent almost 20 years without filling the refrigerator.

What was the hardest part? “The fact that we had three very good albums on the street and being a little ignored by the media, due to a little ignorance of the subject, but we accepted it and that part was hard,” the artist recalled.

But, with a lot of work, they found the formula to conquer the public with their songs: “The truth is that people always responded, the messages arrived. Today the same thing happens magnified, but not atomized, the depth that is important is not lost. When a band transcends the underground, which is what happened to us after 17 years, we were finally able to make a living from music, to be popular in Argentina”.


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Guillermo Bonetto, the singer of Los Cafres, spoke about his health problems that took him away from the stage