Hallmark actress speaks out for the first time about the death of her young sister

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The star’s sister HallmarkLacey Chabert, died just before Thanksgiving 2021. Almost two months after her sister’s death, Chabert shared with her followers on social media that she was still struggling to get over grief.

Chabert told his fans: “I can’t believe it’s been more than two months”

Chabert began by telling his followers on social media that she couldn’t believe it had been more than two months since her sister, Wendy, had died.

“I still look for her on my phone 10 times a day to text or call her before I remember I can’t,” she wrote.

She went on to share that for her, grieving is an “incredibly difficult” journey where sometimes she’s fine and sometimes “I can barely catch my breath because my heart hurts so much.”

Chabert wrote: “I desperately wish I could hug her one more time or hear her voice. But when I’m still enough, I find that I really hear her. I listen to her because she is embedded in my every thought. We were best friends who also shared DNA. We knew each other so well… I hear her sarcastic humor in my head all day! There was no one more fun.”

Chabert’s sister died just before Thanksgiving. Chabert has not shared the cause of his sister’s death. But when she first spoke about her sister’s death, she said it was a “shocking loss” that “left us all very heartbroken.” He asked for prayers for her sister’s two sons.

Chabert said his daughter reminds him of Wendy

She also revealed that she can see her sister’s sense of humor in her daughter, Julia.

“Julia has always reminded my whole family of Wendy,” she wrote.

He added that his love for his sister is eternal.

“We loved each other SO MUCH and that doesn’t go away when someone is no longer physically with us,” Chabert wrote. “It is eternal. I know we were truly blessed to share that kind of love. I realize I’m only at the beginning of this journey and I certainly don’t have all the wisdom, but I know that for now I’m doing my best to do what I think Wendy would want me to do. I’m making the most of every day.”

Nikki DeLoach, whose father died in late 2021, responded to Chabert, writing, “I know how brutal this is. The more we love, the deeper the pain. I also know that love is always worth the risk. Praying for you everyday and wrapping my arms around you. I know she is with you. I love you Lacey ❤️.”

Candace Cameron Bure, who has been dealing with grief after the death of her television father Bob Saget, wrote: “I love you Lacey ❤️❤️.”

Kellie Martin, whose own sister died at the age of 19, wrote to Chabert: “One day we will talk and we will have much to share. I’m wrapping my arms around you. ❤️”

Martin’s sister, Heather, died of lupus in 1998. Heather had contracted a virus shortly after Martin was chosen to join the cast of ER, as reported by Everyday Health. But Heather’s symptoms continued to worsen until she was finally diagnosed with lupus. She quickly died of an acute condition, Martin told Everyday Health.

Scilla Andreen wrote: “I remember when the two of them first arrived on the set of Party of Five. I could feel the energy, the bond, the connection that the close sisters share. Sending you sweet love, Lacey. Sending love to the whole family. ❤️”

In December, Chabert dedicated his Christmas film, Christmas at Castle Hartto her sister.


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Hallmark actress speaks out for the first time about the death of her young sister