Harassment and takedown: Kanye West’s desperate posts to win back Kim Kardashian

(Photo: EFE/EPA/Jason Szenes/File)
(Photo: EFE/EPA/Jason Szenes/File)

Post and delete. Delete a message and share a new one. He begs, gets angry, insults and chains one controversy after another. The Instagram account of kanye-west It has become a chaos of publications that disappear after a few hours and that do not go unnoticed, because in them the rapper opens the channel without hiding the roller coaster of emotions in which he is immersed.

In just a few days, the musician turned to God through the social network to beg him to reunite his family. Furthermore, he publicly proclaimed his love for his ex-wife, Kim Kardashianand insulted the boyfriend of the famous, the comedian Peter Davidson. He insisted that he will fight to recover his old life and confronted everyone who, in his opinion, does not support him in his project to win back his ex-wife.

For Kanye, the ideal would be to return to those days of happy marriage, in which he was part of the Kardashian clan and posed with his children in idyllic Instagram scenes.

In his new publications there are no references to the actress Julie Foxwith whom started a relationship in New Year. She deleted from her profile all the photographs in which they appeared with the rapper, and the American entertainment media believe that the notorious romance has already come to an end. Now, it seems that the musician strongly returned to his eternal fixation on Kim, from whom he separated more than a year ago.

The inexhaustible and alienated rant of the singer of stronger It started a few days ago, when he deleted all his old posts and shared an unusual photo.

The collage that Kanye West shared on Instagram. In it appear Kim Kardashian and the four children they have in common. Along with the image, she shared a text asking God to bring his family back together (Photo: Instagram @kanyewest)
The collage that Kanye West shared on Instagram. In it appear Kim Kardashian and the four children they have in common. Along with the image, she shared a text asking God to bring his family back together (Photo: Instagram @kanyewest)

A collage and a plea

Last week, Kanye West shared on Instagram a collage that set social networks on fire. She did so shortly after deleting all photos from his account. The new composition was made up of adorable images of his children and in some of the scenes his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, also appeared.

God please bring our family back together. wrote next to the photo.

The request came in the midst of an unstoppable offensive of attacks and hints towards his ex-wife. First, he assured in an interview with Hollywood Unlocked that there was a second sex tape in which Kim Kardashian was seen maintaining relations with her ex-boyfriend, RayJ, in 2007.

Days later, they got into another argument over their common daughter, North, eight years old. The 44-year-old singer criticized Kim for allowing the minor to upload videos to the TikTok social network.

“As this is my first divorce I need to know what I should do about my daughter appearing in TikTok against my will,” he wrote on Instagram.

Then Kim broke the silence.

“Kanye’s constant attacks against me in interviews and on social networks are really more hurtful than any Tiktok that North can create, “he replied bluntly.

The insults to Pete Davidson

Perhaps because of the memories that the Super Bowl final brought back, or perhaps because of the imminent arrival of Valentine’s Day, Kanye West woke up especially sensitive and upset on Sunday February 13th. From again, the rapper, who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, transformed his anger and frustration into an unfortunate message in which he attacked Peter Davidson, the 28-year-old comedian with whom Kim Kardashian has been related since October.

Though he never mentioned Pete’s name, Kanye took the liberty of posting a photo of the young actor walking hand-in-hand with Kim Kardashian.

“Look at this idiot. I wonder if Instagram is going to close my profile for talking about Hilary Clinton’s ex-boyfriend, “the singer wrote next to the image, referring to the good relationship that Pete Davidson maintains with the former presidential candidate.

Shortly after, he deleted the post. But this had already taken effect and he had dynamited the networks.

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian would have started dating in October (Photo: File)
Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian would have started dating in October (Photo: File)

His confrontation with Kid Cudi

Davidson is not the only one who has had to endure the onslaught of the millionaire. Shortly before, on Saturday February 12, Kanye also shot at Kid Kudi, your friend and collaborator. On Instagram, Kim Kardashian’s ex uploaded a 2019 photo of Cudi with Timothée Chalamet and Pete Davidson. Of course, for “Ye”, as the rapper is popularly known, that was a stab in the back.

The singer said he felt betrayed by his colleague, who continued to maintain a close relationship with Pete Davidson, Kim’s current boyfriend. For this reason, he decided to expel him from his next album, “Donda”.

“Just so everyone knows that Cudi will not be in Donda because he is a friend of you know who … ”, wrote the interpreter of Power.

After this he deleted the photo, but his message was answered.

Too bad I don’t want to be on your fucking dinosaur album. Everyone knows that I’ve been the best of your albums since I met you. I pray for you brother,” Kudi replied.

Return to the charge against Pete Davidson

Amid the controversy, it appears that Pete Davidson tried to talk West into making peace. He did it through private Instagram messages and, as expected, “Ye” took the opportunity to share the conversation with the rest of planet Earth.

In the messages it can be seen that the comedian from Saturday night Live he was correct and polite in choosing his words – possibly he already knew that the talk would end up in the public domain. Davidson told him that he did not want to replace him in the role of his father with North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm, the children that Kanye has in common with Kim Kardashian.

“I hope some day I can meet your kids and we can all be friends,” Davidson told him.

“NO. YOU WILL NEVER KNOW MY CHILDREN”replied the musician.

Kanye posted the dialogue on his profile and to make it clear that the soap opera was real, he immediately uploaded a photo with a yellow notepad on which he wrote: “My account has not been hacked. February 13, 2022″.

In addition, in the story he added: “I will be at the service on Sunday at noon and I will take North and Saint to the superbowl shortly after. @chethinks I will double what they pay you so you don’t have to look at that pawn ever again,” he wrote to Michael Che, one of Pete Davidson’s companions on the television show Saturday night Live.

Honoring his trade, Che responded to Kanye’s proposal with a touch of humor.

“I’m sorry Ye, but I would never betray my friends…” reads the first image.

“…For less than triple salary. That’s 90,000 a year. With medical and dental insurance, four weeks vacation and an office. In addition to a pair of red Nike October tennis shoes, ”say the following captures.

(Photo: Instagram @kanyewest)
(Photo: Instagram @kanyewest)

World trend on Instagram

The soap opera which Kanye West has produced and directed from his Instagram, with him as the protagonist, and with Kim Kardashian, her children, Pete Davidson or Kid Cudi as forced members of the cast, hooked thousands of users over the weekend. And this Sunday, February 13, after the string of attacks that he distributed left and right, Kanye became first world trendeven above the Super Bowl Final, which was held that same afternoon.

With a kind of twisted attitude, or at least strange, Kanye posted the image of the trends of the day on his Instagram and thanked his positioning on the Internet with a grandiloquent speech.

“I didn’t wake up and fight for my family this morning to become a trend and beat the SuperBowl. But it happens that the SuperBowl brings families together. To everyone who is married, keep your partner close and let them know how much you love and appreciate them because there is always a skete lurking in every valley, waiting to help destroy your family and walk Calvin Klein around your children.” he said, with new references to Pete Davidson.

And what about Kim?

Ye has long been known to suffer from Bipolar disorder. This, together with the depression due to the family breakup and the controversies in which he has been immersed, have generated a very difficult sentimental situation for the rapper. However, his constant attacks on Kim Kardashian and his closest circle; her attempts to prevent her from rebuilding her sentimental life, and her efforts to denigrate the image of the businesswoman, must end.

There are already many who wonder how long Kanye West will be allowed to use his networks to launch offensives towards his ex-wife, attacks that undoubtedly leave psychological consequences on both Kim and the minors.

Kanye’s recent posts have become a method of harassment and takedown, regardless of whether his intention is that or the opposite. For the time being, Kim remains silent. The last message she posted about it was after the fight over North’s TikToks.

“Divorce is hard enough on our kids and Kanye’s obsession with control and manipulate our situation in such a negative and public way is only causing more pain to everyone. From the beginning I have wanted nothing more than a healthy and supportive co-parenting relationship because it is what is best for our children, and it saddens me that Kanye continues to make it impossible at every turn. I wish to handle all matters related to our children privately.”


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Harassment and takedown: Kanye West’s desperate posts to win back Kim Kardashian