“Harry Potter: Return to Hogwarts”: 10 Revelations from the HBO Max Special

On the occasion of the celebration for the 20 years of the first film of Harry Potter, Their protagonists Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert grint and other actors met again to talk about the successful saga that made them jump to fame.

“Harry Potter: Return to Hogwarts”, is the special that just premiered HBO Max And incidentally, it brought back several memories for fans of the franchise, including cast members, who revealed some interesting facts about the film.

Details about the casting, anecdotes during the filming of some scenes and even the crushes on the set. While some facts are better known than others, surely all Harry Potter fans will be surprised and enjoy this special.

In this note we leave you with some more interesting revelations of “Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: ​​Return to Hogwarts“that HBO Max has just released in its extensive catalog.

1. At first, director Chris Columbus didn’t trust the stories in the Harry Potter books very much.

Chris Columbus directed the first two Harry Potter films, but it was his daughter Eleanor who first introduced him to the book series. He finally read them and while enjoying the story, he immediately envisioned the movies. He then decided to meet with JK Rowling to tell her about the film project.

2. The floating candles in the Great Hall were real.

While the Harry Potter movies used many effects, the floating candles in the Great Hall were one of the few exceptions. The cast revealed that the set designers used real lit candles to light the venue.

3. Emma Watson “fell in love” with Tom Felton during filming.

Watson revealed that he fell very much in love with Felton during a tutoring session in which they were given the task of drawing what they thought God was like. “Tom had drawn a girl with an upside-down cap and I don’t know how to put it, but I fell in love with him,” admitted the actress.

4. Daniel Radcliffe was in love with Helena Bonham Carter

It seems that Watson wasn’t the only person who fell in love on the set. In a meeting between Radcliffe and Carter, the actor decided to deliver a loving note to the actress, Helena Bonham Carter.

In addition to talking about how enjoyable it was to work with her, Radcliffe ended the note by saying, “I love you and I wish I was born 10 years earlier. I could have had a chance.”

5. It was not easy to find the actor who should play Harry Potter.

During the casting process, the filmmakers struggled to find the right actor to play Harry Potter, until Columbus saw Daniel Radcliffe’s work in the 1999 BBC film adaptation of David Copperfield.

6. Emma Watson almost left the franchise.

During the special, Watson talked about how he almost left the Harry Potter franchise when production on the Order of the Phoenix began. “The issue of fame finally came home in a big way,” Watson said, hinting that ego had also involved some protagonists, adding that she felt very lonely during that period of her life.

7. Daniel Radcliffe was fascinated by Gary Oldman

While talking about all the great actors who appeared in the Harry Potter films, Radcliffe revealed that Oldman was one of the first people he was truly “in awe” of, especially when he first stepped on set.

8. Director Mike Newell broke a rib while filming Goblet of Fire.

When Mike Newell decided to direct Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, he probably had no idea how exhausting it would be. While staging a scene between Oliver and James Phelps, Newell broke some ribs while showing the actors how to fight each other.

9. Emma Watson and Rupert Grint were very nervous at the kiss scene.

Ron and Hermione’s kiss in the final part of the saga was just as important to the fans as it was to Watson and Grint. Director David Yates joked that it was almost like “getting them ready for a big sporting event.”

10. The cast members felt deeply connected to their characters as filming ended.

When the Harry Potter franchise came to an end, the cast admitted that it was a strange feeling to part with their characters, as they had grown so much with them over the years.


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“Harry Potter: Return to Hogwarts”: 10 Revelations from the HBO Max Special